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Bloody show

Okay so since yesterday, everytime I use the restroom, I see mucus with blood. It has happened all day today as well. I am getting contractions but not consistently yet. Every 5 min then 7 then 10-15 then back to 7. It's strange. I feel pressure with them and lower back pain but I'm usually not in much pain until closer to 8cm. This will be my third. I'm wondering if having the bloody discharge for 2 days now means things are well on their way now? I was 4+ cm on Monday. So I'm hoping it will be soon. I keep feeling crampy, and like I have to have a bowel movement. It's strange. My midwife told me to call when things seem more consistent. I'm getting anxious and thinking that with all these symptoms, I couldn't possibly go another few days or a week right? Or could I?? Lol I will be 37w tomorrow and happy to be full term now!!!
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Sounds to me like you are going to be having that baby super soon! When I had my bloody show I ended up going into labor within 24 hours. If you were at 4 cm at your last appointment I bet you've progressed more now. Just to be safe I'd go in.
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im excited, nervous, and prayerful...   Blessings to you and your beautiful growing family.  Sending love...  and wiping my tears .... geesh, yould think you were my daughter..  hugs chantal...and much love and prayers for an easy safe labor and delevery...  
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When I lost my bloody show I had my daughter within 24 hours as well. I don't know if you may want to try it, but my mom told me to drink Chamomile Tea to help speed things along when I was having pretty strong contractions. Congratulations :}
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Thanks!! I think I am going to call my midwife and see if she can check me to see what's going on. The contractions went away when I went to bed, but I would get random crampiness and still am. I keep feeling like I have to have a bowel movement but then I don't have to. Still having random bloody discharge. Had a hard time sleeping, maybe got 2 hours total. Still having lower back pain. Since I am 37w, and if I am more than 4cm now, I wonder if she could jump start it. I'm just miserable, can't sleep and can barely eat. I seem to have stalled labor for awhile in my pregnancies.
With my first, I was 4cm at 38w with tons of contractions (just not consistent) and did the castor oil thing. Worked within 2 hours. With my second, I was 5cm at 36 1/2w but once again the contractions would come and go and she stripped my membranes and it worked within 6 hours. I will call her and see what she says. I thought for sure I was in labor last night and even got last minute things packed in my bag. (at least my bag is ready to go now!)

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Good luck! hopefully you will have this baby soon :)
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Ooooooh! You're gonna have a baby any day now and I'm SO EXCITED for you!!! :-D
Can't wait to see the first pictures you post of her beautiful little face. ♥
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Just talked to my midwife. She said to come in at 2pm and if I am still 4cm we will wait out but if I'm like 5-6cm she said it's safer to encourage it a bit so I don't have the baby at home or in the car lol. She is afraid if I am this far dilated my next feeling will be to push. I  feel like this could be it! I was taking a nap and woke up to every contraction I had. About every 7-10 min at this point. She said she doubts I would get past the weekend regardless. I feel so crampy and my back is still hurting. She said she remembers i was the same way with my other pregnancies. My body takes it's time until I get to 5-6cm. I hope I'm progressing! We will see in just a few hours unless my contractions just pick up out of nowhere. I cant wait to see her now. Either way it seems that it will be soon!! :)
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oh goodness, i've been posting away but guess i wasnt loged in..lol        soooooo, now, (already) I  cant remember all of the important things i told ya..hehe  I just cant wait to hear from ya and im guessing that if we dont hear from you in a few from two, (after you see your midwife) we may assume your staying and having a baby :)))))  sending love and hugs and always prayers..........   ((((((((((((((((( chantal))))))))))))))))  Can you  EVEN believe its time... oh boy, so exciting..
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Thanks!! It's so exciting. All I want is for her to be healthy and boy does that term have so much more meaning to me now after everything I've been through. I will be sure to update once I see my midwife today and keep you all posted. My hubby has been joking all week that I couldn't have the baby before today because he has this huge job he is working on today and will be working late. (some picky customer wants their floor done today and no later) If all goes the way I think it will, his wish will come true and he can take a week off of work like he wants to! :) praying everything is okay and that it all happens in God's time.
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Well congrats on making it to full term! Sounds like it will be today or tomorrow I am so excited for you guys. I'll be stalking you on FB watching for a baby girl picture ;-) Have a safe and quick delivery.
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Yes, Gods time :)
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FB will be a good way to stay updated. If I am actually in labor, hubby will be sure to give an update often on there. He did the last 2 times. :) Ahhh I'm freaking out a little bit!!
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Good luck! I hope all goes well!  :)
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EEEK I don't have you friended on FB.  Gonna go see if I can find you! I'm so excited for you :) Hopefully your next post here will be your birth story :)
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I agree! I'm anxious to hear about your birth story! I'm really hoping this is it for you, you definitely deserve a break! Ahhhh!!! I'm so excited for you!
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This is crazy!! I'm 5cm, part of the bag of water is bulging, head is super low. My midwife did a membrane sweep since I changed from Monday, I'm crampy and lower back hurts. Contractions are still irregular. It's a waiting game now!! My midwife said should be within 48 hours probably sooner!! I'm nervous and excited!!!
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OMG im so excited for you! I hope you post updates here as well since we are not friends on facebook. Are they keeping you or were you sent back home?
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Omg yay come on lydia make mommy feel better by making a healthy and easy arrival! Chantal my friend im thinking of you and praying for both of you girls :) kisses andkeep us posted please!!! How exciting!!!!
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Yeah!!! Can't wait to hear your update!  I wish I knew your FB name so I could catch your updates there!  My fingers are crossed for you!  
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Yay!!!!! I am so excited for your next update!!!
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I'm so excited to for you...Now I'm going to be check fb all night to watching for you updates.  You guys are in my prayers and I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl :)
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any news yet ...........................
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Just letting you all know I'm still here at home. Feeling pressure but contractions still aren't consistent yet. Maybe tonight or tomorrow ... Will be sure to let you all know when I head out to the birthing center. Getting anxious. I completed the nursery! yay now I need my lil girl! Can't stay at 5cm forever here. Lol
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