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Boob question!! Need any advice or ideas!!

Ok...so Im a pretty small lady. 5'4 119, but have always had larger boobs...I was in a 36c/d depending on the store and the person measuring me. So here I am pregnant and my family always picked on me about my boobs being really large when I got pregnant. Well here I am 7wks and I can just about fill up my 36DD cups...I lost some weight about a year ago...boobs shrunk too. My issue is this...on the underside of my bood my skin is wanting to like peel off like if you have a sun burn and your skin peels. How can I stop this? Im afraid its going to get so raw that Im not going to be able to wear a bra. It just itches now, but I try my best not to scratch!!! Any advice. When DH and I found out we were pregnant the first thing we did was go to wal-mart and buy some coco butter...so I've been using that everynight. Anyone else have this issue, or know how to deal with it?
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OMG yes i have has that issue pregnant or not. I would say it may be a yeast infection, cuz ive has it there, so id put some like monastat on it. Even try some diaper rash cream if you have that around the house. It can and will get raw if you dont get something on it. If those creams dont help then go to the doctor and they can give you something as well.
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I forget the name of the stuff but it comes in a purple tube and it is supposed to be used on the nipples for breast feeding but I have to say it works miricles!! I have never used it on that area but I dont see why it wouldnt work as well if not better than any other cream or lotion. I think its called Lancinol but dont quote me. Good luck:~)
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a lot of it can be caused by sweat under your breast, so keeping dry under your breast can really help, bras that lift you breast up help and putting baby powder under your breasts can really help (it sounds wierd, but helps keep it dry) good luck!
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The purple stuff is called lanolin.  Great stuff, but for the rawness its usually caused by increased moisture allowing yeast to grow.  Anti-fungals will help, but use corn starch or a corn starch based powder with no scents or oils daily under your breasts after showers or swimming.  If it gets moist or starts clumping, simply reapply until all the wet corn starch is gone and the area is covered in dry corn starch.
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The problem with baby powder is it is often scented or has oils in it, which is not good for yeast rashes like you are describing.
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Im sorry I thought she said it was dry ichy and kinda peeling. Thats why I said Lanolin. But for a yeast infection my docotr had me use the lanolin mixed with an atifungl (in a small baby food jar) and use that on my son's diaper rash and it cleared up almost over night. They said it was a yeast infection but it looked like a diaper rash to me, lol. But the mix really worked.
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