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Boy Names!!

I don't know the sex of the baby yet as I am only 11 weeks, but I have a feeling it's a boy. (my instincts were right twice so far, so we will see! lol) We are certain on the first name, Jedidiah, but are not too sure on middle names. Hubby and I have a favorite middle name picked out, but have a couple others as well. Our first son is named Jeremiah James, so even though I put James as an option for a middle name, I am not so sure I would want them having the same middle name. Ya know? But I don't know. I know a family who has 3 boys and they all have the same middle name, which happens to be James (after their father). We did the same for Jeremiah because my husband's name is James.
What do you all think??
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Okay, now the more I think about it, I think I like the name Jonah.....hmmm. I will have to see what hubby thinks about it. Jonah or Jedidiah?? Still need a middle name....
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jonah uke or jonah nathan sound reay good
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I like Luke as a middle name!
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I voted Jeddiah James, i think its cute cause you can call him JJ! But i really love the name Jonah as well!
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If you go with Jedidiah, I like James as the middle name. I do like Jonah though!
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What about Jedidiah Noah?

I voted for Luke but think Lucas sounds better (my opinion of course)

Good Luck!
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Oooohh I like Jonah Lucas!
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i voted Jedidiah Ezra but i like Jonah Lucas best!:)
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Jonah Luke!
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I also really like the name Josiah. Jonah is very nice too, I would use Luke as the middle name.  If you go with Jedidiah, I really like it with James.  I understand not wanting to use the same middle name, but it flows nicely together.
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Ooh, I like Jonah Luke too!  Make a new poll!  LOL  :-)
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I really like Jonah as well...in fact, that's one of the names my husband and I considered when we were doing the name search.
For this poll, I chose Jedidiah Nathan.
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I really like Luke as a middle name :)
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Im not gonna vote because I think James flows the best but unfortunatly I know you cant have two JJ's:( I am one of those woman that have 3 boys and they all have their fathers first name as their middle. I wanted to do another T name for my 3rd son but couldnt because he would have been a TJ too:( Its kinda nice but seriously I dont know how DH talked me into them all having the name Jamison as their middle name!!

How about Jedidiah Andrew??
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Oh forgot to say it could go with Jonah too, lol!
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There is a lot of "D" enunciations made in Jedidiah, then combined with your last name.

Just an observation...
That's why I like Jonah more than Jedidiah, but they are both such great names! ☺
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Thanks all!! You all have some great suggestions! I will have to sit down with hubby and try to figure this out. I suggested Jonah to him and all he said was "maybe". lol I have to somehow convince him, because I think at this point, I like it better. :)  But yea, Jedidiah James does seem to flow the best, but I have my JJ already. We call him that all the time! You all always come up with great ideas!  :) Thanks! We will see what hubby has to say. I am still open to more suggestions! Once we finally *think* we have decided on a name, I will definitely make another poll and see what you all think.
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chantal i think ur having a girl!!!lol
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lol Maybe!! I have TONS of girls names picked out....but only 2 boys names. haha I can't wait to find out!!
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i know...ur 21 right? and u conceived on feb? just l;ike me and the chinesse calendar say its a girl...lol i have mine picked out for a girl but not for a boy...
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I am actually 24. I checked the chinese calendar and it says boy....hmmm I have a feeling it's a boy again, but I always have that little bit of doubt...lol. I feel the same way when was I pregnant the last 2 times with my boys, but sometimes I wonder if I will always besick in pregnancy or actually not feel as bad with a girl? I just wanna find out!
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i like um all :-)  But i LOVE Jonah..  I think 'james' goes with any of them,, and cant ya just hear ya being stern with ..... Jonah James, you need to come here!  lol
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Oh haha since you have a 21 i tjought ot was ur age lol, well i dnt think sickness has anything to do with sex eventhough we like to think so
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