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Breaking the news

We got pregnant by accident and I just found out this morning! How did you all break the news to your spouse or partner?  We have been together almost 4 years and had planned on being married first, but plans don't always go as we thought! He is at work today, so I have time to figure this out.
what did you do?
Elizabeth- shocked and nervous
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Their is no by accident if yu guys had unprotected sex you both know the posibilities of what could happen it may not be what you want now..but I believe everything happens for. A reason you say you've. Been together a couple of years. I think he will be understanding break it too him gently and just talk to him about haveing a baby now then maybe ask him how he would feel if you did get pregnant now or write him a letter and give him a couple hours alone go for a drive or something that way when u get home he alteady knows and it gives. Him time to take it all in ...good luck
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Well I have only been together with my DP for 1 year, I am 15 wks now, but I just told him straight out while he was in the kitchen... better to just let him know... he was surprised and so were my parents as they have never met him (live 5000kms away)... but we are happy and excited now... once you get passed the 12 weeks and have your scan (that actually looks like a baby) they warm to the idea knowing its a mini them and you!
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Did I say we had unprotected sex or that I didn't want this?? No. We have talked about "what if we get pregnant now vs later".  I believe it happened now for a reason. But that wasn't my question.
I asked how women broke the news to their partners. Was there big fanfare? Did you just blurt it out? Did you plan something cute or romantic?
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I text my husbabnd a picture of the test stick he called and said what r u saying I said well we pregnant again he super happy so good luck
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i blurted it out to my partner straight away...we were trying ish but didnt expect anything to happen for a while so he was a bit stunned!  However im 17wks tomorrow and have only told my dad...still to break it to.my mum and ex (who I have 2 kids with so need to tell myself) really nervous about those two!!
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If you look at my profile I have pic of the mug I got my fiancé. It was right before Xmas and told him I had an early Xmas present for him to unwrap and hot him a mug that says new daddy your world is about to get rattled.
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I made a card that said It's All Your Fault and when he opened it said Congrats Daddy! & I put stickers of pacifiers and bottles and rattles on the inside.
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My bf and i suspected it but when i took the test he was at our neighbors so i walked over and handed him the test. I think if you been together for a while he will probably be understanding and im sure he knows the risks even with protection so itll most likely go ok. I only think i was scared of was telling my parents lol i think telling your partner is the easy part. Good luck tho!
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4 years is a long time to be with anyone. Let him know that yeah, you wanted to wait until you were married first, but God's plan isn't always what ours is.. And that you two were picked out of many people to be blessed with a baby.

It'll all work out. I'm sure he loves you and protected or not, what's meant to be will happen. :)
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I was shell shocked when I found out. Wasnt sure how my hubby would react. So I made supper and waited until he had food in his mouth. Then I just blurted it out.
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My bf knew there was a possibility I was pregnant, so I just said "well, u want a boy or girl?"
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Well thats a toughie. Honestly when I got pregnant with my 3rd, just 2 months after having my youngest I texted him and told him we needed ot talk when he got home. He kept bugging me so I sent him a picture of the test and he wasnt the happiest, but I can say that he wasnt nearly as upset when he got home lol
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My partner heard me screaming and crying from the bathroom and took the test from me while trying to understand the instructions lol, we had been tycoon for 3 years but only had a 5% chance without IVF due to my probs, we conceived on our own by a miracle, I think you should just tell him, if your both ready for it he'll be over the moon, good luck :-)
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Me and my hubby had a pretty good idea that I was pregnant, but didn't know for sure. He knew how scared and nervous I was, so he ran to the drug store and got a pregnancy test and stood right outside the door. He held me while we waited the few minutes for the test to turn reassuring me that no matter what everything would be just fine and we would get through this. We weren't planning to have another baby just yet and we werent trying but obviously it was meant to be. At the time it was just extremly overwhelming because I felt that I was not ready- at all. It was positive and now I'm 23 weeks with my 2nd child. It's a BOY and my hubby is elated and so proud he is having a son. We already have our beautiful 3 year old little girl, and now we're being blessed with a baby boy. I'm very excited and thankful for my husband being so supportive. Just tell him, he should next understanding. Like others said you've been together for a pretty long time:) Everything does happen for a reason!
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my baby was also unplanned and a big suprise! I actually tested at work with out telling my mr as I thought I was just been paranoid n testing would put my mind at ease, then the test was positive so I spent rest of day at wrk in a daze with head all over place I planed telling him soon as he piked me up but got outside work to my sis in law pikin me up and we we're all going for tea with sum other friends too! by end of what felt like ages at pub my mr said he guna go with his mates for a bit wich ended in a big argument as I wanted to tell him, stormed off in tears n sat in car cryin,(caused a massive scene!)  he came over as not like me and I just handed him the test wile blubbin! he was shocked but relieved as he thought i wanted to split up or somethin! ha
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