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Breast Feeding

I'm only 20 weeks along and I still have planning to do, but I'm a full time college student and I don't get to be home all the time. I plan on breast feeding my baby once she is born, but I am unsure if I should pump my milk then put it in a bottle so that way she doesn't get use to feeding from my breasts. When I am gone for school I'm gone mostly during the day, so I know will have to use a pump. I guess my question is whether or not when I am home should I feed from my breasts or from the bottle? Would it confuse her if I switched up on her so frequently?
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Using both of them can cause nipple confusion making it difficult for the baby to take one or the other. Bottles are a more lazy way to feed, as the milk just continuously comes out. When breastfeeding, the baby has to actually work a little harder to get the milk out, so when you use a bottle the baby will usually prefer the easier way. The choice is yours either way you decide to go. You need to do whatever works best in your own situation. I know many mothers who exclusively pump and feed the baby their milk from a bottle, but it's very demanding.
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How long will you be able to be home after the baby's home? I have to go back to work when the baby's about 2 months old (the baby will be in daycare after that) so I'm trying to figure out the breastfeeding process for working moms too.
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Its entirely up to you.  I breast feed until my daughter was 6 weeks old and then had to go back to work full time.  My husband was a stay-at-home-dad and bottle-fed her breast milk when I was at work and I nursed her when at home.  Worked well for us.
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I was a full time student while nursing my daughter. I definitely breast fed while I was with her. Your baby will eat no matter where it is coming from. It might be hard to give the bottle at first but breast feeding is amazing! Good luck!
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I am a full time working mom and I took 7 weeks off with my daughter before going back to work. I breastfeed exclusively for the first two weeks, just too make sure she was fully established and things were going well. After this point I would have my husband feed her with a bottle at night so that way she would get use to switching. And when I went back to work I would breastfeed her when home and pump and bottle feed while at work. She actually did really well switchingg between the two and I know that is not always the case. If you do pump the thing you need to realize is that you need to pump as often as baby is eating. Which means if baby eats every two hours then you need to pump that often, this I was not able to do when working. The problem I had is that when her appetitie picked up around 5 months I was not able to pump enough so my body did not increase its milk supply with her increasing appetite and the only way it would is if my work would have given me 2 more times a day to pump and they couldn't. When that happened I continued to BF and pump until 11 months, but around 5.5 months I started to supplement with formula if we were out of breast milk. It is tough to do but it is worth it, my daughter is really healthy and I attribute some of that to sticking to breastfeeding even when it got tough. And also don't forget that you can get attachments for a pump so you can plug it into a car adapter, use batteries or plug it into a wall, sometimes you have to be creative and go sit in a bathroom stall or your car and I got really good at pumping both sides at the same time since mine was a double! Good Luck!!
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How often can I expect to have to pump, assuming you're talking about a 2-3 month infant at first? How long does it usually take for one session, if you have an electronic double breast pump?

I know it's only an estimate, but I design my own schedule (I'm a college professor) so I could space out my classes if I need to, but I have to choose fall classes in a couple of weeks so it would help to know what kind of schedule I need.
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