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Breast Feeding

Wow breast feeding is tough! My girls only 24 hours old and i already wanna give up. But she is good! Its me that is struggling. My nipples are so sore. I can't get her to take the whole nipple. Or she does but doesn't keep it and it hurts so bad. And then im getting frustrated with her but just leave her on like that cause i can't get it. Please tell me tips!
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Soon as she doesn't have the whole thing make her re latch I kno it gets annoying n she will get mad but stay consistent n with in a day she will have it down. Keep letting her do it the way u r and ur headed for a lot more pain .. good luck to ya
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Don't let her continue to latch wrong hun!! Unlatch her n have her latch the right way!! My second daughter was terrible at latching properly and would throw a fit because she wanted her meal right away, so I stopped making her relatch!! She gave me blisters on my nipples, n let me tell ya, its the worst pain I've ever had!!! Worse than having a c-section!!! She will cry or fuss, but if you want to keep nursing you are gonna have to make sure she is doing it right!! Goodluck hun!!!!
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Just keep trying, it is  uncomfortable even when bub latches on properly, if your still in hospital make sure you use the lactation consultant, they should also have a dvd that you can watch as well, if your home already, you should be having visits from a health nurse or midwife and get them to spend some time helping you to latch her on right, its there job to do this so make sure you ask, when you look down at her on your bood it should look like a K with your breast being the straight part and her lips over your breast the shaped part, its more important to get more of the bottom part of your nipple/areola into bubs mouth than the top part and when she opens her mouth, wait until its as open as she can get it the move her head to your nipple, try not to stress it does take time and perserverance but if you keep at it, you will find it does get easier as days go by and you will get enjoyment out of it :)
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Im at home now. The midwife doesn't come till tomorrow. I dont know how im gonna get through till then! Even when she is on prop does it still hurt at first? Cause its so freakin painful. I dont even want to feed her. Im trying so hard to stay positive. Im hating myself right now cause im angry at her but know its something im doing.
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My son is 15 days and if breast feeding xxxx it is tough and hurts and painful to start but when your milk comes in properly that help too xxxx you say it hurts when she first latches on yep it still does for me 15 days later xxxx your lil lady if put really close to your nipple should search it out and latch on herself xxxx thats how we was shown xxxx every nurse is different and has other tips so get in contact with them now and tell them your struggling xxxx
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Theres a breastfeeding forum on here that I think would really help you!
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I've breastfed 10 and it still hurts me those first couple of weeks, hang in there until tomorrow and dont let the midwife leave until your sure you have mastered the latching on part! and def dont hate yourself its all a learning curve and it will take a little time, she's learning and so are you :)
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Does she take a paci?  Sometimes when mine doesnt latch good I gave them a paci for a minute then do a really fast switcharoo.  It hurts when they dont latch properly and nursing shouldnt normally hurt.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.  And try not to stress over it.  The baby can sense when you stress which in turn causes him to fuss more so its jusy a viscious cycle which leads to total frustration and the thoughts of failure and giving up.  Keep at it and you will both get into your groove soon.  Good luck!!!
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