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Breast/Nipple Tenderness

Okay, I know that this has been brought up before, but I'm bringing it back up LOL.  I was having afternoon dull headaches for 6 1/2 days and then yesterday evening I was bending over to pet my dog and noticed my breasts really hurt - I looked at them in the mirror and noticed my nipples were erect (not cold at the time) and they had some little bumps on them that I've never noticed before.  My fiance happened to walk in the door and past the bathroom to find me checking out my breasts and he did a double take in the mirror and stated that they look huge - to which I took the wrong way and practicly started crying.  Anyhoo - I have never felt this before - never had breast soreness/nipple tenderness before my period (before I get my periods my body is kinda uneventful - no major signs).  I'm not gonna even ask if I could be pregnant because I have been doing some research (me being a nurse and all) and found that normally if you never have had this pain before your period you have a good chance of being pregnant.  According to my newly done calendar I am 2 days away from expecting period - so will test soon - but my question is this:  Is there anything I can do maybe ease the pain a little bit and what the hell is the bumps on my nipples (couldn't find anything out about this)??  

Any advice would be wonderful!  Thanks
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Girl, those bumps are early pg symptoms!!!!  I really think you are!!
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dont fret about that...i had the same exact thing and i still do

im now 7 weeks preg and my bbs have become more fuller and aerola is def darker

i dont know what the bumps are but mine are still there and my doc didnt mention anything about them so im assuming they're supposed to be there?
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There is really nothing you can do! Sorry. Good Luck! When do you plan to test?
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Sorry for such a short response but I was pumping and typing w/ one hand.  LOL!.  Anyway, everything you are describing are early pregnancy symptoms.  I get them all.  I forgot the technical term for the bumps, but there is one, but that is very normal.  It can happen even before you miss you period like, in your case.  Another symptom can be the veins in your chest being much darker and more noticeable.  Take a look.  My chest looks like a freakin road map during early pregnancy!!  LOL!
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Are you kidding me, there isn't anything I can do?  I put off posting anything about this on here because I don't want to be annoying or sound like a repeat poster - but this afternoon the pain is bad, and I can't deal with this.  I have big breasts as it is and so I bump them sometimes and becaue they are so sensitive they HURT when I do this, where I normally don't feel a thing.

I'm disappointed to find out that I can't do anything ...LOL.  

Mamaofonetrying42- clever name btw - I plan to test as soon as I get money to buy a test - LOL.  Fiance gets paid tomorrow and he said that we will buy a test (or 100 LOL) and test this weekend?  I'm still not getting any hopes up at all about me being pregnant, I don't want to be upset if I'm not.  Fiance keeps telling me that I am though - but I just don't want to get people all upset if I am not pg.  

Someone had also at one point brought up that sometimes you can make pain up inside your head and then your body will react to it because your focusing on it, ummmm, but I have to disagree - I don't think I could have made up the pain I'm feeling at the moment.  They just feel so full and big (which is saying a lot for me because my breasts are already big) and just in the way all the time, and they hurt......oh man -  Thanks anyways!
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I know how you are feeling. I too have big bb's and for me the farer i get in this pregnancy the more they hurt. I like to wear sport bra's to hold them in. LOL Good Luck in weekend!

Im not sure about this......But I though I have read a post on there, that someone said to put lettus in your bra. Im not sure if it was for sore bb's or what is was for. Maybe try searching it?
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