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Breast pain...

I am exclusively BFing Jesse and he is 8 days old now. I am in soooooo much pain. All of a sudden today, the top part of my breast started to hurt, so I was massaging it and trying to see if that would help. Then I did a hot compress, more massaging and nursed Jesse 3 times in a row to see if he could relieve it. Nothing! it has actually gotten worse. Now the pain is at the top part and on the side. I'm not engorged at all, it's mostly emptied out by Jesse. I think I am going to pump and nurse back and forth, maybe I can pump out the pain?? lol. I'm at such a loss and never had this with my first son. I tried to lay on my left side to nap and it hurts worse, and to even move my arm in that direction is excruciating. I am going to try to take a hot shower and then my midwife said to try putting a cabbage leaf in my bra? And try some sage tea. I will try it!
Also, my lower back is hurting again, my pelvis is sore and popping out of place, I have the chills a bit, but no fever, and my neck is sore. I am a little nauseous as well and can barely eat. I am not sleeping much anymore, I'm exhausted and now I am venting and complaining! Today is not my day. And after the little incident with Jesse choking and not breathing yesterday, I'm just on edge and freaked out. I just keep crying and although I feel okay to do things around the house, I have decided to stay in bed today.
Anyone have any advice or just encouraging words? I'm losing my mind and have no clue why.
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I didnt breastfeed nor know what could be causing it but I hope you feel better!
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Did you have antibiotics prior to giving birth?  You could have a yeast infection IN you milk ducts...I did and the breast pain was excrutiating!  BUT it went undiagnosed for almost 2m because I didn't show any signs on my nipples...

Your chills etc sound mastitis-ish though...

Maybe a day of rest will help BUT if your breasts keep hurting, see a dr...

read this and see if it seems like your symptoms...

Good luck, I hope it is not thrush because it was soooooo painful for me I thought it was worse than labor!

http://www.asklenore     .info/breastfeeding/    sore_nipples_candida.html
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It sounds like a breast infection.  I got it a couple times with my second and I never even got engorged.   Do you have red or purple spots in the area like bruising?
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Oh Dear Chantal, you sure need a break hun!  
This pain sounds like a blocked duct or thrush...I had both with my second son, and boy was it hard!
Watch out for a fever...I relly hope things star to look better soon, big HUGS!
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Thanks Linzola.

sweetangel...I did have antibiotics right before giving birth. So I wonder if that caused a yeast infection or something. I have no nipple pain except for the initial latch and then it's fine, just the top and side of my left breast hurt. I just fed Jesse a bunch a times on that side and then even pumped. Nothing more is coming out and the pain subsided, but now it's back again. I remember my mom having thrush with my little brother, but his tongue was completely white and her nipples were so sore she cringed to think about feeding him. I definitely don't feel like that, but Jesse's tongue is a bit white, not a lot, is that normal??
I'm thinking maybe it's mastitis only because I had the chills and body aches, although now I am hot. lol. I can't figure it out. I took some motrin so I think that took the edge off a bit. If it's not better by morning, I am definitely going to call my midwife.

luvmy2girls, no red or purple spots in that area. But I do think it's some sort of infection.

johanna...I could use a break! lol. Hopefully it just goes away soon and if not hopefully my midwife can figure out exactly what it is and treat it. no fever yet, but I am definitely keeping an eye on that. I'm trying to stay positive and push forward here. I know it won't last forever.
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Okay, now I am running a fever...If it doesn't go down by the morning, I have to call my doc. I have been on so many antibiotics and pills lately, the thought of having to take something else is making me cringe. I wonder if meds keep giving me problems though?? I hope this settles down...I feel like I have the flu.
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I can't BELEIVE your midwife told you to do that!!!!

I dunno what that pain might be.
I can't be a clogged milk duct because nursing would have helped.
I had a clogged milk duct when I was weaning my daughter and OMG!!!! Talk about some pain!!!

I would really insist on talking to a doctor about that.
Sounds like sweetangel7 is right, you may have an infection in your ducts.
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I just got back from the docs and he thinks it's mastitis, so I am on an antibiotic for 7 days.
Riot Queen....That's what I thought!! I did have one in all last night and it didn't do a thing, I still have the same amount of milk, so thankfully it didn't do anything. My midwife had said it would help draw out the infection?? I dunno. But I have heard if you are weaning to use cabbage leaves so I was confused about that.
My doc said if the antibiotic doesn't work for some reason it would have to be drained?!?! ahhhh. I hope it works! When I nurse Jesse, it feels so much better and relieves it. I have been pumping my right and nursing him on the left only to draw it out. Warm compresses and hot showers feel so good. No nipple pain or pain when BFing. It's frustrating! I hope it goes away soon. I have a bad fever, and just feel like the flu. No fun! I can't function.
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my breast hurt so much i dont know wat to do,i did hot compress to dry out my milk but my boobs is so flinty and hard ,is there anything to do?? plz plz help.i didn't breastfeed my baby and i wanna dry it out
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