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Breech baby?

For those of you who've had a baby who was breech up until fairly late, how did it end up resolving for you?  Did the baby turn (if so, when)?  Or did your doc perform an external cephalic version?  Or did you end up needing c-sec?  

I'm just trying to figure out my chances, I guess.  I am 35 weeks and my baby is breech.  Because of a complication I have, I'm already told I can't go past 38 wks, and the condition often causes preterm labor/delivery, so i could have her any day now...

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with me!  
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I had a c-section, I refused the version. I read up on it online and the chances of something happening (i.e. placenta breaking away/early labor) were greater than the chances of something bad coming from a c-section for me. I wanted my son to stay in as long as possible, and I had him at 39 weeks exactly. He was fine, and was breech from at least 33 weeks...he stayed on oxygen the first 12-14 hours, but was fine after and the next morning was in my room with me for the rest of our hospital stay. BUT it was because he had fluid in his lungs from not going down the birth canal, and boys' lungs develop slower than girls, so I'm sure you'd be fine if you had to have a c-section. Just research your options, and chose what you think is best.
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About a week and a helf before my due date my doctor discovered that my baby had turned breech. He was head down for weeks and at the last minute turn right side up. Crazy kiddo! Anyway, she strongly recommended that I have a c-section due to his positioning (he had one foot down). She said that since I was so close to my due date that I should have him asap because if I was to go in labor his foot would come out first and a whole host of problems would arise. She also said that trying to turn him at that late of a date would be very painful and probably not work anyway. I opted for the c-section later that week. My little guy came out fine. He was perfect. He will be 3 months old later this week and he has never had any medical problems. After he came out I found out that he weighed almost 9 pounds and that I would have had to have a c-section anyway since his head was so big. :) Guess he ended up doing me a favor.  Good luck.
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Thanks for the input, girls!  

How was your healing process for the c-sec?  Had you had a vag before?  If so, how did they compare?

Anyone else that wants to chime in with their breech experience, feel free!
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This was my first baby so I only know the c-section experience. The recovery wasn't too bad. We were alotted to stay in the hospital 5 days but I left after 4. I think the first day was the worst when it came to pain and recovery. It was nothing excruciating but I was really out of it and really sick to my stomach from the spinal block. The following day though I was feeling pretty good. By the 3rd day I was showering and wearing normal clothes during the day. The doctors were a bit suprised at how little pain I experienced. I think I only had to take a couple of motrin a day for the aches. I think I was actaully in more pain once I got home and for the week or so following. You don't realize how much you use your stomach muscles on a daily basis. Again it wasn't anything too terrible just a little out of my comfort zone with limitations.

If you want any specifics about the hospital stay and how things went day by day, let me know...I just gave you the basic run down in this response. I wasn't sure how much detail you were looking for.
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my first child was a normal vaginal delivery and my second was a csection due to the baby being breech.at this time in ur pregnancy there is still a chance the baby will turn just not a high one.they will however usually do another ultrasound prior to the section just to make sure!which i was kind of shocked at because here i was all ready to have the baby right then and they tell me well if he moved u can go home..i was like nope im not going anywhere im having a baby today no matter what i prepared myself mentally for it forever..lol..anyway the surgery itself was nothing my healing not so much fun but everyone is different!!i know plenty of people who were running around the next day so u never know...good luck either way!!!
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my sister had her baby breech in 32-33 week but just 10 days before her baby turned into right postion and she had normal vaginal delivery
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