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C-Section not at all good.

To all those mom to be who prefer not to go by vaginal birth being scared by labour pain. My baby was in breech position (Head up) since a month sodr scheduled a c-section when i touched exact 38weeks. I has c-section yesterday by after 4hrs of c-section my pain started and kept increasing in few hours. The pain was inbearable like i was about to cry... I suggest not to go for pre scheduled c-section unless no option for vaginal birth....
How was ur experience for the ladies who have already gone through c-section. I had no choice as baby was in breech position and i m ftm so told not to got for vaginal birth in breech position as its my first baby so cant take risk :(
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i've had 2 c-sections and absolutely loved them.. i have a very high pain tolerance so maybe that's why. but i was feeling better about 2 weeks PP with my first and about a week to week and a half with my 2nd.. i stopped taking pain meds within 5 days both times. if you get up and walk as much as you can (although it hurts the first few times), don't sit and stiffen up, but don't overdo it, and ask for your pain meds about a half an hour before you feel pain and it really helps.. it also matters if your doctor cuts through your abdominal muscles or just spreads them apart gently with their fingers.. if they cut through them it hurts wayyy worse. my first c-section the doctor did that, my 2nd I had a different doctor that just spread them apart with his fingers and it was significantly less painful.. i'm sorry you had a bad c-section experience :( but good news is your chance of a vaginal birth after c-section is a verrry high chance at being successful since your reason for c-section was due to a breech baby!
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I had an emergency C-Section 13 days ago as my baby's  heart rate kpet dropping dangerously low during labour and although I was fully dilated and pushing, he wouldn't enter the birth canal.   When they done the C-Section they discovered that I have a narrow pelvis and won;t ever be able to give birth naturally  - if I have any more children I will need another C-Section, which I have been told will happen between 38-39 weeks.   I was confined to bed the first day as my legs were so numb form the epidural, when my catheter pulled out I had to be helped into a chair so they could change my bed.   The next morning I was up and showered (with assistance from a student midwife), and I could move around, but painfully.   They gave me regular pain meds and the pain never really got that bad because the meds were regular.   By day 2 and 3 I could get out of bed myself with a little difficulty and could walk to toilet etc ok, but my abdomen still felt tight.   The first few days when I got hime I took it easy, didn't move very much etc.   Am off my meds except my Iron tabs as my haemoglobin is still low and I only take paracetamol if I've done too much and get sore.   Thats a shame you are still so sore :(   Hopefully next time you'll get to have a VBAC x
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@Ktowne thanks a tonn dear.... today was my 2nd day and less pain as compared to first day (yesterday). Over all happy that whatever pain i went through but my baby is with me by god's grace... I just shared my first day's experience as i heard a lot of my friends wanted to go for c-section in fear of labour pain...
Now my pain is less as compared to first 24hrs.
@mommabear27 i m not sore was just shared my first day's experience to those who prefer c-section. Though it depends on person to person's body... :)
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I had the same thing happen to me. My son decided to turn breech at the last minute and because he was not growing anymore. So the doc scheduled a cs at 37+1 because the risk of him dying was extremely high. I had my daughter naturally and was walking around within an hour of having her no pain. I still had pain from the cs a month after he was born. I am glad I am done having babies now as my health is more important tgan having more babies as there are other options available for that now.
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I also have had 2c sections and haven't had any issues except internal stitches coming through staples. I wouldn't say it was unbearable to me, but painful, yes. Having a c section is considered major abdominal surgery..only thing i can suggest is to keep moving (a little) and not allowing youe body to stiffen. Good luck  :-)
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@missymay34- u have ur daughter after ur son? I mean after a c-section of ur son u had ur daughter naturally? Is natural delivery posible if first is c-section?
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@myost8315 did u ever had any problems after a month or two in any of ur c-sections? As i just had mine 48hrs ago and i m ftm so need advices on this abt the post pain and any problems of c-sections. Thnx
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it's possible to have a natural delivery after a c-section, and chances are you can since your reason for a c-section was a breech baby.. thats not likely to happen again .
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To be honest, what really helped with me was massaging the area and Tylenol. Massaging allowed the muscles and tendons to move back where they're supposed to be and the Tylenol kept the swelling down. I kept my back turned from the shower at all times and just made sure u didn't lift anything too heavy
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This will be my 3rd c-section and I dont get really bad like other ladies say  they get.. I also had my first child normal and I can say is almost the same... I guess it just depends on how ur body takes it...
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I had a csection then 3 years later a vaginal birth neither was bad but prefer vaginal over csection I never had pain after vaginal but csection I would have been able to be more prepared
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Crstl11- what was the reason for ur c-section? As mine was due to baby in breech position. I have read on internet regarding vaginal delivery after c-section but can u share ur ecperience for the same like how can we go for vaginal birth after c-section. Thnc
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My sister was born breach in 78 , mind you when there was less medical tools and technology.. she's was prefectly fine and healthy..
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Yes many of my relatives were born in breech too in thst time but to me dr  said not to go with vaginal delivery in breech
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My first was an emergency csection and i found the pain controlable and almost didnt have any pain after the 3 rd day. i havr another csection planned for the end of october. i needed a section because i was in labor for 28 hrs, got 3 inductions and i just wasnt dialating, the placenta detached and the cord was trying to come out before my little girl so everytime she pushed ahe cut of her oxygen which madr her heart rate drop incredibly drastically
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