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C-section because it's an IVF baby ???

Hi everyone !!!  i'm 14w pregnant with my second baby who is  conceived through the help of IVF,my first one was conceived naturally and i gave a vaginal birth 10 years ago,he was 3 weeks overdue,that's why they induced my labor,meaning i couldn't be dilated after my water broke,but still gave a vaginal birth,without any complications later on .My ob gyn advices me to do the C-section this time ,around 37-38 weeks as we don't want to take chances ,he says it's better if we don't wait for the last minute when labor stars naturally...i' ve been reading the complications after C-section and i'm getting really scared ,but i just wanted to ask you ,if anyone can give me some advice here,do you think i should induce the labor 3 weeks before my due date and try the vaginal delivery ?? and what are the complications for ivf babies during delivery ?
your comments will be appreciated .thanks a lot and good luck with your pregnancies . :)
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I have done 3 IVfs and never heard of doctors suggesting C-section because of IVF. My First 3 IVfs failed and I concieved with FET. I had to get C-Section because my sons head would not come out,  not because of IVF. But I was in labor for 24 hrs before that.

I would get second opinion. These days doctors suggest C-Sections more that needed.

Good luck
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There are no complications with IVF babies they are just as normal as a naturally conceived child and just because this one was conceived through IVF has no bearing on how it should be delivered.

I agree with shishka that you should get another opinion Doctors can charge more if they deliver by C-Section instead of Vaginally

There is no reason why you should not have another vaginal birth, the only thing I would look into is maybe having your labor induced IF you go maybe a week over your due date to make sure you don't go three weeks over again which is weird because I was always told they do not let pregnant women go two weeks over the due date because after two weeks the placenta is old and may not support the baby anymore

Also it's normal for first time mothers to go over their due date being this is your second child you may have nothing to worry about you may go a little early. But I would not go with a c-section just on the basis of your last pregnancy I would most defiantly do some more research and talk to another MD

good luck  
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My doctor never mentioned a c section, all he said was that because my baby was an ivf one he wouldnt let me go past my due date, so he had me booked in on my due date for an induction just in case. I ended delivering earlier because of a complication, but nothing to do with the fact that she was an ivf baby. Personally if they had said that to me i would suggest induction because its alot easier to recover from in the long run.
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My step brothers step mum (Confusing I know) Had IVF... she had twins... Okay, she a C-section because Daisy was smaller than Bella. And they were twins! But the Midwife was saying if it was a singular she would of been able to have a vaginal birth...
They might be suggesting a C-section because of your previous experieneces not because of the fact baby is IVF..

Also... they let you got 3 weeks over due..??? WOAH! My midwife said she wont let me go a day over due incase the baby poo's inside me and then he gets and infection??

Good Luck

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I don't see any reason that they can't just induce you labor early rather than letting you go naturally. Just because you have an IVF baby doesn't mean you HAVE to have a c-section. You delivered vaginally before so there is no reason you can't try again. My cousin just gave birth to twins conceived via IVF on monday and she delivered vaginally. There is no reason that you couldn't do the same. If you DR doesn't agree then find one that does.

Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck to you!
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thank you all for your support and ideas ,which really means a lot to me, we aren't doctors here but you can learn from experiences a lot.This web helped me so much during hard times and i just wanna thank all of you again .Wish you all the best of luck !!!
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