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CD20 early af or implantation bleeding?????

Hi Ladies,

Well once again i look to you for advice.

So last month i took Clomid CD2-6 this month we decided to have a "break" as i was getting lots of side affects. Last AF 13feb, so im now on CD20 i havnt had any signs of ovulation - although it is quite possible that iv missed the signs, i havnt been doing my temps or OPKs as this was our "break". So lets get to the point....
Earlier today i thought id check my CP when i wiped my hand i noticed a brown CM now iv been to the loo every 10mins to check ((lol)) and its now a pinkish red colour not heavy enough to be on my underware but there when i wipe, iv also been getting cramps.Now i know the only way to know for sure is to take a HPT when AF is due but thats still a whole 9 days away..
Iv now had 4 pregnancys never once have i had implantation bleeding so i wouldnt even like to presume. Iv also never had irregular bleeding midway through a cycle, The only time i had irregular bleeding is when i had 2 ectopics so as you can imagine this is now stuck in my head!!

Any opionions greatly apreciated :-D
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I had spotting with my 2nd pregnancy, the same as you describe, only there when wiping not enough to wear a pad. It's several years ago now so I can't remember exactly where I was in my cycle, but I know I wasn't due on at the time. Unfortunately I had a blighted ovum with that pregnancy. I lost my first 3 pregnancies then went on to have 3 healthy children and am currently ttc number 4. It could well be implantation, but as you well know having been there before, the only way to know for sure is take a test if and when af doesn't show!
Fingers crossed for bfp's both sides soon hey!
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Thanks for your response, I think its early AF its now got heavier ((enough to ware a tampon)) although not as heavy as a normal AF if you get me...arggghhh think ill have to make an appt with my GP. if i got no BFP this month was going to give clomid another go now i dont know weather or not to take them tomorrow (cd2) argghhh to confusing lol
Thanks for your comment and SSBD your way
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