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I wanted to share my story, and see how many other women are going through what I am; I just found out 2 days ago, that I am pregnant with my fourth child, while on the Mirena IUD! This was quite a shock to me, since I have had the Mirena for almost 5 years, and a day before I had the pregnancy test, had received a call from my dr. to set up the removal and replacement of it for Feb 2012. At my last annual exam, I had discussed the option of tubiligation versus IUD, and was convinced that Mirena has the SAME effectiveness as a Tubal, so I decided to stick with the Mirena. Since finding out I am pregnant, I have done a lot of research, and had a lot of testing done, which I am still in the process of...once I got the positive urine test, had to make an emergency appt with my doctor to see where my IUD was..to my surprise, it was EXACTLY where is was supposed to be! so a blood test was done to check my hcg level and to confirm the urine test. before removing the IUD, my doctor wanted a stat ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy, which can occur if you get pregnant with Mirena. Unfortunately the U/S didn't show anything except a cyst on my left ovary, which is due to the fact that my hcg level wasn't high enough, and I wasn't far enough along to see ANYTHING, so I left the doctors more confused and with no answers to how, why, and still in utter shock! Due to the High Risk of this pregnancy being either ectopic, misscarrying, the reccomendation is to have the IUD out ASAP. So, I had the IUD removed, but because I caught this pregnancy so early (at 4 wks and 4 days!) I have to go for repeat bloodwork today to see if my hcg levels are doubling like they should in a normal pregnancy..if so, my chances are good that the pregnancy is in my utuerus where is should be, and hopefully we got the IUD out in time. If my levels are low, that is a good indication that I am either carrying an ectopic pregnancy, or will be miscarrying...I'm curious to hear what others have gone through. Have you had a confirmed pregnancy? how did you handle it? what was the outcome? I'm glad to be able to share my story!
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I had my tubes burnt in January of last year after having my son Dec. 2010. I thought it was the best thing 2 do since between me and bf we would have 5 kids. Well at the end of Sept of last year I went 4 a check up cause I hadn't been feeling good and I noticed I had a hard spot in my belly. When I got there she did a pap and decided 2 do an ultrasound and there he was waving his little arms. I was 17 weeks prego. I'm now 27 weeks. The Dr said it is 1 in 10002 chance it could happen lol.... I spent my first few days crying and trying 2 wrap my mind around this. Then I felt confused cause tho I went threw all this stuff 2 prevent this I was happy. I'm still concerned cause we will now have 6 boys 2 raise (yes all boys) but I feel he must really wanted 2 b here lol. I hope everything works out 4 u.
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Wow! talk about a miracle baby! Congratulations to you! Whenever anything like this happens, its so hard to wrap your head around it! I am still trying to make sense of it, the only thing I can say is that everything happens for a reason, and this was meant to happen... Prior to this, I was recommending Mirena to everyone, because I have always had a great experience with it. I had the paragard for 4 yrs before the Mirena, and had that removed so I could get pg with my daughter who just turned 5 in Nov. I already have 3 children, 12, 10 andof course 5, lol. At this moment, I don't believe any method of birth control is fool proof, and I am definitely getting a tubal after this one, and if that fails, then the only thing left is a hysterectomy!! Thank you for sharing your story!
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I would think that it would be more likelihood to become pregnant toward the end of the five years. The mirena releases so much horomone over a five year span. I would think it was possible that by the end the amount could be far too low to prevent pregnancy. I had a mirena for 2 and 1/2 years. I had it removed in June because it was messing with me. I wish you luck. Hopefully everything will go okay for you and the baby.
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I got pregnant with the mirena iud after 1 year, guess was I was 7/8 weeks and we removed it 3 days later I lost the baby. I hope your baby stays put and you carry to term. The woman who cuts my hair got pregnant on it 3 years ago and was able to carry her daughter to term with the mirena still in place.
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When a pregnancy happens that is unplanned, it is unfortunate - but also a miracle. The best b/c is to not have sex at all, and I tell everyone the same thing : don't have sex unless you are willing to take care of a child. Just keep in mind that there is a lot of women who can't have kids, and try for years.. so embrace it.
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I plan to embrace every bit of this miracle. I hope that all continues to go well for me and the pregnancy. As you have read, I am already a mother to 3 beautiful children, and this just adds one more precious gift to my life! Today I had my repeat hcg level, and while it didn't double in 48 hrs as it should have, it almost did, which according to the doctor increases my chances to about 70% of it being intra-uterine, but still of course chance of miscarriage. I have to go on Tuesday for repeat bloodwork again, and we are looking at a repeat ultrasound later in the week, once my hcg count reaches a min. of 1500, which will hopefully be Tuesday!
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