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Hi, I am sitting here in tears at the minute. I am 12 dpo and have had alot of preg signs over the last week- creamy cm and lots of it, darker area around nipples, come out in spot (never do usually), headaches, tiredness, moody, metallic taste in mouth, waking up middle night, and I have had lots mucus at back throat/sore sinuses last week. I did a pre test 2 dys ago - clearblue 4 dy early and there was a pencil thin vertical line going through the horizontal control line (bfp?). So I did 2 digital tests but both said 'not pregnant'. I thought I would wait two days to test again. So today arrived and I did a 6 day early early response test. It came up BFN. I have been using cbfm and testing past ovulation (just by poas and looking at result) to see estrogen levels. They appeared high level yesterday-on one line and the other line which shows LH came up too so I thought it could be hcg (as they say o tests can detect that same as LH). But today the estrogen level appears down and no other line. My temp has also dropped from 36.7c (test 8am past week) to 36.2c today (6am) My af is due on Sat or Sun (2/3 dys time). I lost a baby two months ago and being pregnant again is the only thing that will help me move on with my life.. my husband and I so want a baby.. we stopped drinking, only eat organic food, take all vits, bd at right time (used cbfm). Do any of you think I could be pregnant or should I just accept that I am not?  Any replies much appreciated as I feel very alone going through this..
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Hi Petal88,

All the symptoms that you have explained sound like in actual fact you are pregnant, however seeing that you are on 12DPO and have got a BFN you might not be. Normally HPT would pick up any HCG levels by now, but can you please tell me how long your cycles are (i.e. 28 days, 30 days etc). It is very common in woman that have longer cycles (over 30 days) that they do not get a BFP until the day their period is due. When is your period due?

Also, i have heard of some cases where HPT are incorrect for woman. The best advise i can give to you is to wait until the day your period is due, test then, and if BFN & you are still certain or sure that you might be pregnant, go to your doctor and request for a Blood Test.

I hope for your sake you are pregnant.

Good Luck
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Thanks Hales20.. My cycle 30/31 dys.  I am on CD29. My period is due this Sat or Sun (28th/29th). Could you have a look at my tracker chart I just put on and see what you think please?  I did a saliva test today aswell and it is covered in fern pattern!  This usually means high estrogen levels.. What does that mean?  I haven't seen the ferns since ovulation..  My husband says I shouldn't do any more tests- just wait but I am back at work on Monday and don't know how I will be able to cope with seeing pregnant co workers (who got preg same time as me). I thought if I got a bfp then it would be ok but if i am not pregnant it's going to be so hard to get through the day.
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i would suggest that you wait til at least friday or saturday to test again.  what brand digitals were you using?  i used clearblue easy digital and it tested at a very very low hcg level.  I know exactly how you feel having had to MC;s within a 5 month timespan this past year, it is tough but day by day you will get through and you will be pregnant again soon:)  Good luck.
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Thanks Leighanne, it's so hard isn't it, sorry to hear about your losses.. I feel so empty/ baron. My hubby and I would do anything to have a baby. Hard to see heavily pregnant friends at work planning birth for same time I would have had baby.. I know I will be upset and need cigarette but I gave those up too, I have given everything up bad for me.

To ans your q- I used clearblue digital at 9 or 10dpo and today used 6 day early by first response at 11/12dpo (not digital).  I guess I could be 11dpo if I ovulated on Sun week ago.  My CBFM said Peak on Sat and Sun so I may have ovulated on Sun not Sat.  But even at 11dpo a 6 day early test should work shouldn't it?  Could implantation have just happened maybe (hence temp dip) so no hcg in urine yet? Sorry so many qs..

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Well felt really crampy lower left side yesterday afternoon... and this morning AF arrived. I feel numb.  Seems my system is still getting back to normal after lost baby.  I am devastated.  I researched reasons for m/c.. I know it was not genetic or chromosonal so another possible is too low progesterone to sustain. As they don't do tests in uk until 3 m/cs it's impossible to know if I have hormone imbalance so I looked for natural balancer online-  

Apparently MACA is fantastic for this and it is a natural food but can help with fertility- balance hormone levels... Some people stop taking once find out preg and others carry on through.  They have only tested on mice during pregnancy so can't recommend for pregnant women as no tests/results yet but some women have had great results using it.. and peruvian women have been taking it for centuries through preg.. So I am going to start taking it today.  It is also supposed to be good for OHs too and is said to make both sexes very horny and increase his sperm count! Here's an extract from website about it for your info ladies:

Unlike infertility treatments with hormonal drugs, which is basically resumed in taking synthetic risky hormones, "natural maca acts totally different in your body. It stimulates your own hormone production, by inducing the optimal functioning of the pituitary and endocrine glands", says Dr. Chacon (Nature & Health magazine, nov. 1999). Rather than taking risky drugs for infertility treatments; organic maca acts naturally, nourishing your glands and inducing proper production of your own estrogen progesterone and testosterone hormones. Dr. Chacon's discoveries of the pituitary stimulating effects of maca are enormous.  It is important to know that maca do not itself contain any plant-hormones or plant estrogens like black cohosh and other phyto estrogen herbs, but its action in the body nourishes and jogs the pituitary gland into producing your own bio identical human hormones and ends up raising not only estrogen, but also progesterone and testosterone hormones naturally.  Many people wonder if these herbal treatments for infertility can really provide the benefits of restoring hormonal functions and increasing fertility. What this product does is simple: MacaActive nourishes hormonal glands making them work and function better. You'll feel active and younger, you will be able to increase all of your hormone levels naturally in only a week of consumption (this is because it acts like food does).  Research on consumption of MacaActive for infertility treatments in both sexes tells us that a consumption of 3 to 6 tablets a day have proved a great increase in men's sperm count production and women's progesterone hormones to help infertility. With MacaActive you have a safe, effective, nontoxic way to significantly improve your hormonal functions naturally.

Anyone using it now or in past with good results?  Or even neg ones?

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HI Petal,

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Like you on August 15th 2007 I suffered a miscarriage, I had been trying to get preg for 3 years and found it really difficult to deal with the loss, I felt the same as you do now, when your period arrives every month, I have also had to deal with co-workers who were due at the same time as me and my sister giving birth in October.  I tried to bury my head in the sand untill jan this year when my world came crashin down, I suffered from depression and had 5 weeks of work, It wasnt untill i taked to someone about it that It got a bit easier, dont get me wrong, I still think about the baby i'd lost and the fact that she would be 4 months old now. But it has got easier to deal with. If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here.

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no a test might not be pos at 6 days early, it depends on if you have implanted yet or if your hcg levels are high enough.

sometimes it can take more than 10 days after O to have it implant into you uterus to start forming hcg.  you should hold out and test tomorrow if af does not show.

yes it is very hard.  my first due date was 5/2, and i was so sad that day and upset that so many others had their babies but i did not.  all i could do though was try to stay healthy and start again.  day by day is how i lived.  now i am pregnant again, very worried and scared that i will have my 3rd MC but trying to stay calm and take it ay by day.

you will be pregnant soon and will have the same scared feeligns but need to try to limit your stress.  good luck.  let me know how testing goes.

by the way, i used clear blue digital and it read hcg levels under 25 which is very low, so i would stick with those.  i got a 5 pack at walmart for 18 dollars.
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Thanks so much Becci, I haven't talked to anyone really about it other than my husband and I have been off work with 'post traumatic stress' too from it.  My husband has been a great support but sometimes I struggle to be positive about the future and just break down. Didn't think it was possible to feel so much emotional pain... I know even if and when i get pregnant again I will still think of and cry for my baby who was deemed never to come into this world.  But I know that I will be able to look towards the future and move on/ cope better when i am pregnant again. This is my second period since it happened and it's so hard to pick myself up again, you know how I feel..  

The first month we tried last time (with cbfm) we got pregnant so I don't know why it hasn't happened after two months now.  I can't help but think 'was that my only chance' and now I will not get pregnant again.  Not rational I know but I can't help it.  I am a Christian and pray every night that I am healthy enough to carry child and ask God to bless us with a child.  I wonder what His plan for me is...  My husband and I would do anything to get pregnant again.. no alcohol now (and I used to love a couple of glasses of wine with dinner!), no cigs (and I could do with one now),  only eat organic now (and it's costing us a clean fortune).  Just started maca this morning and some decaf green tea.   So I guess I will have to wait and see...  What about you- are you ttc now or pregnant again?

Many thanks Leighanne, as you can see my period came today.. :( Today is not a good day.. I can't stop crying. Thanks for your support anyway and congratulations of your great news... how far are you now?  I really hope and pray that your baby will show his or her beautiful little face in due time..

Like you i am living day by day.
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I am sorry you are going through such a tough time, and I just wanted to say I am very sorry for your loss! I hope you get your BFP soon! Baby dust to you!

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I did a test yesterday showing as negative however have a number of symptoms, not sure if just in my head or not, I feel the pain you are feeling today every time my period comes, I did find it easier to talk to a complete stranger, I was luck and had berevement councilling thru work, if this is a option open to you do take it. Stay Strong it will happen.

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Thankyou Laura, much appreciated.. Started new cycle on cbfm so about 14 days until possible ovulation.. seems like a life time away.  I am never going to let my body signals trick me again.. I could have sworn they were pregnancy symptoms but obviously period signs never really noticed past cycles.  I will just wait it out and try not to get hopes up this time.  

Just saw on news how a mother sent to jail for leaving her 3yr old daughter to starve/die of thirst in bedroom.  The poor wee thing died in agony!  How does someone like that get blessed with a child when there's so many of us who would (not to be big headed) make wonderful mums, and we are struggling to have babies..  Seems so unfair. Well, hopefully we will all get bfps this year and soon.. x
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Thanks Becci, I really hope your symptoms are pregnancy ones ... isn't it just the most horrible feeling staring at a negative stick and willing another line to appear!  I am going to speak to my boss on Mon and see what's on offer.  I think I may need counselling as I can't talk to anyone or have subject brought up without breaking down- I cannot control it.  Good luck with next test... I'll pray that your af stays away.. x
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