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Hey Faith, haven ot heard from you on here in a while!  Nice to see you posting!  Hope all is well...Any who, I am CD 13.  No symptoms to report.  I am supposed to be o this week.  as of Wed. Dh and I have bd this morning again!   ;)     Hope I hear of some BFP's in the days to come.   good luck ladies!  
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hello ladies, I am on CD 8 today... if my cycles are 37 days apart, then I will not have a cycle this month, that is too crazy huh?

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I'm 14DPO and AF is due today. So far so good! Tested this am but got a BFN. Didn't get a BFP last time until 16dpo so here's hoping!!
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I am CD 13. I should ovulate around CD16, but I'm not temping or anything this month. We are just gonna wait and see.
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just wanted to drop in and leave some SSBD to all you ttc's

good luck heather! I hope af is a no show today!

I can't shake the worry still. I don't see the doc again until the end of the month they are not treating my like I'm high risk but I almost wish they would monitor me a little more! Had my first morning sickness this week usually I'm just dry heaving and not wanting to eat anything except cheerios and halloween candy! I feel like I'm showing already but just look fat right now. Anytime I get gas or the slightest twinges in my belly I freak out. I didn't feel very nauseous today wish also is making me nervous. Poor DH asked this morning "is there anything that won't make you worry?" I just want to know my bean will be ok!

Best of luck ladies lets get some BFP's!!!
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hi there 8 dpo for me and Not testing.... will i am out of my tww

ssbd to all!!! *:O) erika
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trice--thanks for missing me..u and heather....

im in so much pain..im 23 and wisdom teeth just decided to grow in..but i have an infection..and gums are super swollen..they gave me a hpt..12 dpo bfn..the lady "rn" she said if im trying i may not get a bfp til..af is due or as late as a week later...she said i would be surprise of how many women get bfn and are actually pregnant...so ladies i guess we are not the only people like that...maybe hpt are not as good as they use to be..anyway...baby dust and prayers for u all
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slivercheer oh my goodness ur pregnant again yay congrats i wish u a happy healty nine months :)
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Here I am approaching CD 47 after a cp with no sign of af! I feel just like I did when I was pg. I've taken some hpt's but they all come up with these stupid lines that just really irk me. Since theyre so faint the digi isn't even picking it up. If I am, then I am and I'm gonna be so excited! But...if I'm not...I'd really like for af to come so I can get another chance to try again. :( Is this normal?
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AF started today, back to square/CD 1!
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Im 12DPO.....Lord please let this be my month!!!!!......Baby dust to all..........
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I'm 4DPO my lower belly above my pelvis was killing me yesterday on the left side and in the afternoon it shifted to the right. I am super bitchy too so besides that
I have no clue. SSBD to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nicole---i have my fingers crossed 4 u.
smjmekg--aww dat *****...keep da faith
lillady--i know dat it ***** to wait..this wut we all have been going through.
jenny-good luck maybe a baby shifting around in there.

---as for me i have been constipated for like 4 days now..usually when af is near i get gassy and bloated..im not neither..i only get bloated when i eat..af is due tomorrw i shall c
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1dpo for me hubby and i BD once a day for a week surrounding it minus 2 days in the middle. fingers crossed----- Good luck ladies!
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Due tomorrw Faith, we must not be cycle buddies anymore! I am due around thrsday. So if she don't show her face I will test next monday! I'm sure she will. Only signs I had were my breast hurt about 4 days after BD'ing, and I had cramping a bit about 1 week after. I think I'm going to start charting this coming month.
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Hey Faith- I agree with your doctor as far as waiting it out when testing.  I think it just depends on the levels of HCG detected at that time of testing, some have higher levels than others.. so while one person can get a (+) at 12dpo..some of us can't... so anyways just wanted to share my thought on that.... I am glad to see you on here..sorry about your wisdom teeth!  I hope you feel better!  today is CD 14...I am supposdly o'd all this week we will see..I don't have anything to report.  So I hope for BFP's for everyone TTC!
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Based on anyone else's previous pregnancies (if you've had them of course), have any of you experienced evap lines? Evap lines that appear within the time limit to read your result, but had them on every single test you take, day after day? Ir how about an OPK that gets darker?
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Nicole, I think you are pregnate. I would say just wait a day or so, the test will get darker and darker every day.
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angella--wow how did we get so far apart...af comes on cd 14 for me..havent failed in 2 months..i have a 27 day cycle...

trice--thats true..right now i would be highly upset if i am preggo..bcuz they have me taken pain pills and antibiotics..this may i fact delay my cycle even more..cuz i dnt feel lyk af is coming...

nicole--u sound preggo...just give it a couple maore days then retest..hcg may not be strong enough but..like we all say a line is a line..ur preggo...congrats...
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trice(this may "in" face delay my cycle.)
nicole--(just give it a couple "more" days then retest)
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Nicole-I think you are prego!!!  Yippeee if we are all right!  Keep us posted girl!  How many DPO's?  just curios?

Faith- I knew what you meant girl ... it's all good!  (lol)  I feel you about the Anitbiotic's .. I guess time will tell ..you said the 14th right?  Hang in there hun!
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no 14 dpo i suppose 2 get af..which is tomorrow..and since these fools gave me vicodin i have no pain..but i normally dont get cramps..last month i did not get ne signs of af..i just got it as surprise..but i will c tomorrow...i am not taking the pain pills as subscribed...every 4-6hrs..i snap it in half and take as the pain comes..but mainly the swelling bothers me but oral gel is a big help..i do take the antis like im suppose to..i just hope this doesnt affect my cycle..if i am or am not preggo
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HPT Negative and Pregnancy Still Possible
I am 13 DPO and my HPT is negative. Could I still be pregnant?

Even with a negative pregnancy test before missing a period there is still a good chance that you are pregnant. About one-half of pregnant women have a negative HPT pregnancy test on 12 dpo, and one-third of pregnant women test negative on 13 DPO.
Go ahead a do a pregnancy test as early as you want, just don't expect it to be positive even if you are pregnant. One in 4 pregnant women will not get a positive pregnancy test until the days after they miss a period. That's why most doctors recommend to do a pregnancy test only after you miss your period so you won't be confused by a negative test.
Pregnancy testing before a missed period can often give you a "false negative" pregnancy test, a pregnancy test that's negative when in fact you are pregnant. The #1 reason for a false negative HPT is testing too early.
A home pregnancy test (HPT) done 1-2 days before a missed period is positive in only 1 in 2 pregnant women, and even on the day of a missed period 1 in 4 women will have a negative pregnancy test.
Testing after a missed period will often give you a better answer to you question: "Am I pregnant?".
So why does it take sometimes that long for a positive pregnancy test?

•You miscalculated when you ovulated and when you expect your period.
•Implantation could have taken longer than expected.
•You did not ovulate at all and that's why your period did not come.

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