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Can YOu concieve with........

................................................................................congestive heart failure i was diagnosed 4 days before my birthday lol what a gift, anyone know of success stories where the mother had CHF and carried a healthy baby??? i would love to have a baby someday i had to sto ttc for the time being but in time i will have to see i guess :P
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Hello....Ya what a great present for your b-day. I am not sure how to answer your question but I do have a suggestion. Go to google.com and type in congestive heart failure and conceiving a child. I wish i had more info for you but that is what I would do so i can read up about it. Good luck to you..
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OMG what all led up to the diagnosis
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I used to work with a woman who had CHF and she had two healthy pregnancies and babies within a year and half of each other. She carried both pregnancies to full term (37-39 wks).
She was never on bed rest that I know of; she was here at work each day up until like, the last two weeks of each pregnancy. We work in an office building, however, so it's not like she had to worry about strenuous activity on the job. She had to be careful not to over-exert herself, and that was pretty much the biggest thing for her as far as I know.
Each baby was delivered by c-section and she had to be completely anesthetised because she could not go into labor because of the CHF.
Anyway, she and her husband planned their first child and they were going to stop after that because of the CHF, but she ended up pregnant again because her bc failed.
So I'd say yes, I would think your chances of ttc and carrying a pregnancy to term would be just fine, but you'll definitely have to take a lot of extra precautions in your pregnancy. But you can have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
Sorry to hear that you got such bad news on your birthday. But I hope you have a wonderful future with many blessings. :-)
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I am so sorry to hear this!!

I agree with AJH84 though. I too have heard that women with CHF can have healthy pregnancies, but it would obviously be high risk and appropriate precautions would need to be taken. Please keep us posted on your condition.

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Thank you ladies that good news yay im happy about that thank you for the new found hope :)

Linzola- i was taken by ambulence to the hopspital couldnt breathe all that well it hurt bad the paramedics said i proly just puuled a muscle haha. one doctor thought it may be a blood clot so did a ct scan the doctor saw that i had an enlarged heart then i had a heart ultra sound the hospital that i went to is supposed to be high in the heart department goin in for a second opinion this week, i have high blood pressure which proly went un treated for sometime
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OMG I hope the second oppinion is good news! As for TTC and concieving with it I would think you could get pregnant but def a question I would ask the specialist as well as what are the chances of a baby I concieve havingthis as well! Good Luck and keep us posted!
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