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Can drinking too much water dilute your pregnancy test?

Hi- As of today my period is going on 5 days late. I took a pregnancy test this morning, but it was negative. I thought I read somewhere that drinking a lot of fluids can dilute your urine and affect the results of a pregnancy test. I drink about 5-6 glasses of water a day while I'm at work, then I drink 2-3 glasses of decaf tea when I get home at night. I'm just wondering if what I read could be true? I've never been this late on my period, my normal cycle is 27 days, and I've rarely had times where it was 29 or 30 days, but today is day 31. (I'm counting the day I missed my period, the 27th day, as the first day of being late). I'm going to take another test tomorrow or the next day if I still don't get my period. I was just sure though the test would be accurate if I'm 5 days late. I know stress can affect your period but I'm not stressed at all about anything, and stress has never affected my cycle in the past. Anyway, has anyone heard of this? Thanks for your help!
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Did you drink this morning before testing? Did you use the first wee of the day?
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Drinking too much water can dilute your urine, but usually your morning urine is the best to test with.  The test may be accurate, but some women don't get positive results as soon as others.  A blood test would be the most accurate, so I would contact your doctor if period doesn't come.
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Yes drinking to much can dilute your urine thats why they say to use FIRST MORNING URINE. Or hold your urine at LEAST 4 hours.  I know when I was pregnant I was unable to hold it for 4 hours. I held it for almost 3 and got my +.  

If you don't get a + tomorrow when you test again you might want to go to your Dr. for a blood test. Your hormone level might not be high enough to read on a HPT.  
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Yes, if your urine is too dilute it will be harder to pick up HCG.  However, using first morning urine, which tends to be more concentrated, should give you a reasonably accurate result since the majority of fluids you drink throughout the day/evening have been passed and the urine will re-concentrate overnight.

There are a number of reasons why your period could be late.  I would suggest you wait until the weekend and retest w/ FMU using a sensitive HPT if you dont have your period by then.
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i' had a coworker who also had a regular like clockwork 28 day cycle. she's 34 and when she missed her period she KNEW she was pregnant but didn't get a positive until a week later!

Wishing you luck!
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Yes, I did use first morning urine. Well, I'm thinking if I don't start today I'll take another test in the morning, and maybe still get a blood test if it still says negative. Thanks for all your help! I'm just confused because every now and then my period will be a couple days later than usual, so it may just be a weird thing this month, but then again maybe not! Well, I will keep everyone posted if I find out I am! :)
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well...i took another test this morning, still negative, but still no period. im 6 days late now! im off work tomorrow (closing on our first house and moving!) so im going to go to the doctor early early to get a blood test done. i dont have any symptoms though... wish me luck!
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Its very possible you ovulated later than you normally do,there is no set date each month a women ovulates.anything could have delayed it,hence why the late period.but then again maybe you are preggers,wishing you the best of luck !!!!!
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good luck and hopefully you will get your BFP!!
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well.....no baby yet for me. i finally got AF on Friday, 8 days late. i have no idea why my cycle was 34 days just out of the blue. my husband and i were ttc for awhile, gave up after 5 months and decided it will happen when its supposed to. everyone says to just stop trying and it will happen. im very disappointed because i thought it finally "just happened" and i really got my hopes up. thanks a lot AF! i hate to be ms negative, but everyone i know is getting pregnant "accidentally" and im having a hard time. i really am happy for them but it really makes me upset. sigh..... im new to this forum, and thanks to the ladies that responded to my first post for your support :)
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i'm sorry you got AF but don't give up! You(and I)are still young and your body is in perfect shape for giving you that baby!!! It will happen....i promise!
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i am 4 days late on my period and i have tooken two pregnancy tests and i drank water to go pee so i am thinking thats the problem
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i have a tightness in my upper abdomen just below my boobs. i have 3 kids so it feels like when your belly tightens durring pregnancy but i just took test and it said no. this ***** im really hoping i am. iv also has bright red bleeding for 3 days now but it is so inconsistent. every couple hours or so
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hi im.20years old got 1 daughter who is turning 2 very soon, so my my period cycle is 28 days and my Last  period 19feb  and had implantation bleedng 14/15 march and no period still trying to concieve bt had negative result frm doctor need advice asap
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Hi all, good luck with all TTC. i had my implant taking out on 18th April abd had a period on 21st April. The past 2 days iv had awful lower tummy pains, does any1 know what this could be?
Many thanks x
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11 days late nauseus, heartburn, abdo cramps, back ache, hot flashes, restless, irritable legs, shattered, moody and neg tests sad my doc he looked at me like I was stupid and asked what I was doing there ... Any thoughts?!?!?!
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I am currently 8.3 weeks as of my daily calendar. Took 3 hpts 1 1/2 mos ago all immediately dark positive. I have never been a huge water/fluid drinker. Planned Parenthood did a urine test the week later...positive. Has spotting ( no where near a mc I know exactly how they feel) so I went to er test was positive and baby was there but only at 5.4 weeks so no heartbeat yet...they did the same go home bed rest mumbo jumbo. Just got back from my first prenatal appt at the Dr.'s office they did a urine test and came in and told me it was negative. Obviously I was upset they took my blood for a real test and for the basic bloodwork. They will call me with the results tomorrow. NOW !!! So I started thinking about the large amounts of water I have been consuming since I found out I was pregnant and realized that this might be the culprit. You know those HUGE water dispenser containers. I literally go through one in about 2 sometimes 3 days. These hold 5 1/2 gallons of water. I am sitting here realizing that I usually have 3 large glasses full on my nightstand at all times and am continually drinking the water to where sometimes I end up really bloated. Between the time I woke up this morning and when I peed at the Dr.'s I has about 75 fl oz of water !!!!!!!!!! holy cow. I was only waiting in her office 10 mins before she came in and I had already had to pee twice and I went before my bf and I had left,20 min drive. So even though I teared up and kinda went numb I really believe in my heart that it was my high amount of water intake that diluted the test to read false.
I will update tomorrow with my blood results as to pos or neg. Fingers crossed  :) ....btw I still have my symptoms.Dr's & tests can be wrong.
Any thoughts?
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Blood results came in and it was negative. So I lost the baby. Good luck to everyone.
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