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Can i get pregnant?

I’m a virgin, me and my boyfriend were playing around, he rubbed his penis around my vagina for some few minutes, which he didnt ejaculate but they was precum. I took the emergency pills in less than 24hrs. I’m not sure if i’m ovulating then, for a year now, my mentrual cycle has been 28-38, even last month was 38days.
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The morning after pill will make you late and irregular in general for 2 to 3 months after taking it.  You likely didn't need to take it for rubbing penis on vagina. That's not sex.  And sex leads to pregnancy.  Not what you did.  Try not to take the emergency contraceptive very frequently because it messes up your hormones each time you take it.  If you have a condom break or have unprotected intercourse where his penis is inside of you, then take it.  But it should be very infrequent.  good luck
Thanks for your response, Just that before now i heard stories of people that got pregnant from precum, while they are virgins, and the possibility of me ovulating then, that’s why i took the pills. I have anxiety, i just need some assurance.
An this is the first time i took the pills. My period has been irregular for 2years now, 28-38days cycle, i used 30days on my menstrual cycle app, though its just twice in the 2years that i had period exactly 30days from the first day of the last period. It showed that i was ovulating, though i hardly used the app, because of the irregular period, even the last month it was 8days late from the 30days.
Pre ejaculation when you have having an intercourse is what people are talking about.  Work on your anxiety though.  You aren't pregnant from what you did, you didn't have sex.  Talk to a doctor about anxiety as that can be a life long thing that makes normal things people do seem overwhelming.  Not worth it---  it's treatable.  good luck
Please bare with me, One more question. You mean, Even though he had precum, and rub his penis with my vagina for few minutes, even while ovulating, there’s no chance of pregnancy??
Even hear, i read a post, someone got pregnant while a virgin
You're not pregnant.  
You didn't do anything to get pregnant.  
You took plan B anyway.
You are having normal hormonal response to taking plan B of being irregular.
You have anxiety and need to speak to a doctor for what to do about that.  
good luck
Thanks a lot. The irregular period has been there for 2 years. I took the last those of plan B last night.
Due to the irregular periods before the plan b, i dont track my ovulation or next menstrual cycle, thats why i’m more worried if there’s any possibility of he’s precum getting to my vagina while ovulating, buy rubbing he’s penis for minutes (dry humping but we were naked.)
Please answer this last one.
As you were advised, your activities did nothing to put you at risk for pregnancy.  There is nothing more to say.

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