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Can implantation bleeding be heavy?

Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice... I have had the symptoms of pregnancy for about 3 weeks now. I have been pregnant before and had a miscarriage, but I do know the feeling. I am a little worried.. I am due to get my period on September 6 or 7. I started to bleed on August 31, which is very unusual for me because I am normally right on time--not a week early. At first, it was just very light pink when I wiped. It only happened that one time, then when I went to put a tampon in, there was nothing. Later that night, I began bleeding really heavily and noticed some clots. It is now September 3 and I am barely bleeding at all. It became light yesterday, also weird for me because my period (like I said doesn't come a week early) but also lasts about a week and will be heavy for at least 4 days. I did take a pregnancy test.. well a few, lol, and they came back negative, but then again, I am not due for a "real period" for another 4 days or so. I'm not sure if this could be implantation bleeding and I would really appreciate some feedback.. I'll list my symptoms below. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! :-/

*Symptoms I have:
- I have been extremely nauseous off and on during the day or it will last all day.
- VERY emotional out of nowhere. I'll cry over commercials or even when I wake up for absolutely no reason at all.
- My breasts are swollen and tender to the touch (not like before a regular period)
- I have had this weird feeling around my belly button area.. I am not sure how to explain it all I know is it does not hurt, but every time it happens, I feel like I have to push on it or something..
- I am really bloated and have been craving weird things.
- I also noticed that I have been a little bit more sensitive to smells.
- Been getting headaches every day, backaches, and having dizzy spells.


Thanks everyone!! --Cassie
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From my understanding, no, implantation bleeding is not heavy at all. When you have implantation bleeding you might see a few pink or red spots on your panties but there wont be enough blood to fill a pad. Since you are due for AF in a few days and have gotten BFN than I dont think you are pregnant. The symptoms that you are having could also be menstrual because they are very similar to pregnancy symptoms. I suggest you taking another HPT on the day your pregnancy is late. That way the test is the most accurate. Good luck to you.
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That's what I was thinking. It's strange, too because it started out like that. I used the bathroom and when I went to wipe, it was a very veryy light pink and hardly anything there. Then the bleeding became heavy (but didn't start bleeding until really late that night) and had some clots... That freaks me out. I also have slight cramping around my "V spot". Normally, when I PMS, I will get a little moody, bloated, but never like this. My main thing is my breasts hurting sooo badly. Like I said, I do know the feeling of being pregnant, I just don't understand this. I also had my "period" for 3 months before I found out I was pregnant the last time which also worries me a bit.. Thank you for the quick response!! :) I guess I'll have to wait a few day or maybe even a week and take another test... :-/
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**One more thing-- I never cramp when I get my period. The only thing that happens normally is I get bloated, a little emotional, and a few cravings.. I don't get cramping ever really.. :-/
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Implantation bleeding isn't heavy, most women don't even have it (including myself). It is caused by the zygote implanting in your uterus and sometimes this causes "old blood," which is usually pink or brown, to be expelled from the vagina. It's usually only spotting and rarely enough to fill a pad or tampon.

And it's Really hard to tell if you're pregnant based on symptoms, since most pregnancy symptoms are also period symptoms.

I'd retest in 4 days if I were you and Good Luck!
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I dont blame you for wondering, it's confusing! When we were ttc there was a month that I swore I had implantation bleeding (light pink blood when wiped) but then sadly enough AF showed up a few days later. Maybe the heavy flow WAS your period but it was just an "off" month? Just a thought. Regardless I would retest in a few days and I hope you get the result that you want!
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Well the reason I'm freaking out is because a baby would probably not be the best thing right now.. My boyfriend and I have enough of a hard time paying our rent and for our animals every month.. It would be crazy to add a child to it. But then again, I have been worried that I will never be able to get pregnant.. When I was young and stupid, I got pregnant, had an abortion. Another time (while still young and stupid), got pregnant again--miscarriage. Then I had to get the LEEP surgery because of precancerous cells.. So I've been feeling like it is probably impossible for me to get pregnant anyway due to everything "that area" had gone through years ago. In other words, I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if I was OR if it wasn't. Thanks for commenting back!! I really appreciate it! :)
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I'm 15 years old :( and I gave my virginity up to an 18 year old varsity soccer player (hottest at my school) and after I had sex that day I didn't bleed at all but I had a horrible cramp that night and the next day I had brown blood come out and then it got progressively heavier for only four days and my period wasn't due for over a week. It was completely abnormal for me and I would like to know of it was implantation bleeding or my period? I'm now 10 days late on my suspected period and I took two tests an they came out negative. I don't know what to do and I have no support.
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