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Can my husband be the father?

On Nov 10, 2009 . I had my period. It has always been VERY irregular.
On Nov 19, 2009. I had an affair and used a condom. It was the FIRST and LAST time I ever had sex with this guy. I never saw him again.
On Jan 17,2009. I had a vaginal u/s done and they said I was 7weeks.
On Feb 25,2009. I had a u/s done and they said I was 13 weeks.
My EDD: Sept 5, 2010. but from the blood test and 2nd u/s. My EDD: is Sept 2,2010
They also did a blood test to see how far along I was because they said it didnt conicide with my lmp of nov 10. So it stated : GA @ U/S DRAW: 10 WEEKS(CRL) on feb4,2009.
Now I wanted to know if its possible that from the affair date can it be his or my husbands?
and even though i had irregular periods i think on my 7 week u/s they are trying to figure out gestationl age.
and please dont tell me dna, or paternity test. i know that already but just from your opinions who do you guys think its likely to be the father.
Please HELP!
I mean from the dates it looks like if its my husband but because i have irregular periods can it throw the ultrasounds off?
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Having irregular periods has really nothing to do with how far along you are in your pregnancy, so long as you know your exact date of your LMP. The docs always count from the LMP to the current date and go from there. For example, My LMP was exactly March 19th and from March 19th to May 4th, I am 6 weeks and 5 days.

However, if they are using ultrasound to gauge how far along you are due to not knowing your LMP, the baby can always measure bigger than the actual gestational age or smaller than the gestational age.

Now calculating it by LMP with a 28 day cycle and 14 day average luteal phase....you conceived 11/24/2009, which could make it very possible the baby is a result of your affair, because sperm can live 3-5 days inside the womans body if the conditions are favorable. Your due date would be August 17th 2010 which put you at exactly 25 weeks today.

Now using your LMP with a 45 day cycle (because your irregular periods) it states that you conceived around 12/11/2009, which has a due date of 09/03/2010 and would make you 22 weeks and 4 days.

It is very difficult to measure exactly how far along you are with irregular periods. Now if you get a period monthly but different dates like April 3rd you started and then May 19th you started....you have a regular period, it's just a different cycle from the average being 28 days. But if you go 2-3 months without a period and then suddenly have one, that is considered irregular.

I know you don't want to hear it.....but the only REAL way to know who the father is of this baby, is to have a DNA/Paternity test done. They can do a Amnio test to test the DNA before the baby is born.

If your wanting to know who the father is without paternity testing to try and hide the affair, it more than likely won't work. I suggest telling your husband if he already doesn't know, that way this can all be sorted out and the real father can be notified.
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thanks im actually going to do a paternity test but one question, if i have a 45 cycle then can it be that i didnt conceive with the affair date because i didnt ovulate until dec. I dont know maybe im confused like when i ovulated.
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If you do have a 45 day cycle, you would have ovulated in December, which would make it highly unlikely that the baby is a result from the affair. Sperm cannot live in the womans body for a month.

Women usually ovulate 2 weeks before the next cycle. Which would make at a 45 day cycle an ovulation occured between Dec 5th to Dec 12th.
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As BTS stated- you ovulate about 2 weeks BEFORE a period, not after. So the longer your cycle, the later you will ovulate. HTH!
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so does that mean that my husband could be the father?
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well they also did a blood test to see how far along i was because they didnt believe me that i had my period on nov 10. they said i should have gotten it on nov 16 because i conceived between dec 10-13
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so i guess your right i probably do ovulate late.
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I have longer cycles and I ovulate later. My due dates were always off because they base them on 28-day cycles and I'm do NOT have 28-day cycles.

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