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Can we drink wine?

I've heard its safe to drink wine during pregnancy, is this true? Is there a safe amount we can drink? Are there any risks?
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Talk to your doctor. Mine said in 3rd trimester 1/2 glass once a week is fine but that no amount is safe. See what your doctor says.
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Sure if you don't mind giving your baby alcohol and any of the possible effects it can have
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the risk is FAS, (fetal alcohol syndrome) please read up about it and some research before deciding to drink or not.
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Well thts why I was curious, idk whats in wine, obviously can't be the same ingredients as liquor. I know liquor is an absolute no, but I've heard here nd there about wine, jus wondering what everyone else has heard.
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wine is alcohol and there are definitely risks if you are drinking it every day or every other day ie FAS and other developmental issues.  i would stay away from alcohol completely cause you never know.  My doc too said a half a glass here and there is okay but he advised to stay away from any alcohol completely unless I absolutely need it and that I do not.  
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wine is alcohol doesn't matter how you look at it.  you do get drunk drinking it so yes....stay away. I just wouldn't take any chances no matter what other people say.  It's your baby and it's a big risk.  
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I mean I wasnt going to buy a whole bottle or nothing,lol but its my bf birthday nd alot of his family drinks wine, nd like I said I've heard wines ok, thought maybe a glass for a toast or something. Nd if doctors have approved a glass a week or whatever then it can't be that horrible.
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Dont worry yourself it will be fine to have 1 glass of wine everyone has diffrent opinions about it but most sites and midwife actually told me your aloud 1-2 units a week i had a few drinks with my first not everyweek but a few throughout my pregnancy and im also 22weeks now and have also had a few i dont belive a small amout here and there will do your baby any harm
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Thank you (:
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My doctor told me to help with going to sleep to drink a glass of wine that it won't hurt the baby
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Have a sip....but a glass can turn into two.  Most of us I'm sure have certain special occasions that arise during pregnancy and most would probably choose a sparkling non alcoholic beverage to use with a toast.  I just don't want you to regret it afterwards that's all.  I'm sure you will feel the effects of the wine quickly because of the pregnancy.  
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I wouldn't worry about it either. An occasional small glass isn't going to hurt. I know this is sensitive subject that everyone has a different opinion on but I think it's ok. As long as your dr says ok too then you're good to go.
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LOL, I've heard this argument go both ways... I LOVE wine so have just made it my mission to stay away for now but I've done my homework on how half a glass of red wine a week is enough to kill bacteria that maybe lurking in our tummies and cause stomach flus or whatever is going around at the time. As preggos, we have a lower immune system than normal and if you do get sick, most medications aren't recommended during pregnancy, so a little wine can go a long way... Obviously tequila shots are out but women that breast feed and have the occasional cocktail pass more alcohol along to their baby through breast milk than what half a glass of wine will give you for sure!! *something to think about* But at the end of the debate, its your body, your baby, and your decision! Best wishes!!
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My family is Catholic so during church when we accept the host there is wine involved though we no longer feel that it is wine but that it represents the blood of Christ. However, religious beliefs aside, it is wine with an unmistakable tang of alcohol. Though I only have a sip once a week I dont think having a little wine will hurt. Just dont abuse it and understand there are consequences (as there is with everything). :)
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