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Cervix check

I went to my 36 week appointment today and she did the strep b test. It didn't hurt like ladies on here said it was just uncomfortable. But she also checked my cervix! Holy hell that Hurt so badly like she put her whole arm up there even know it was obviously just 2 fingers! Wow I was not expecting that to hurt!!!! So any way my cervix is slightly open on the outside but fully closed inside so I guess that means no dilation. I was told if I don't have the baby before the 28th they will schedule to induce me the following week. Yay baby will be here soon :)
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How are you other 36 weekers feelin
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Im 38
Weeks and my coochie felt sore afterwards.
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Im 38 weeks and it was very painful and it caused me to spot after .....it was like she lubed up her hand and rammed it up there
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I'm 36+6 n get my cervix checked Friday n I'm so curious to c I've made progress. Dr also wants to go through a plan on wen to have baby because he's already over 8 lbs so maybe soon than :)
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How do they do the strep b test??? I have mine in two weeks at my 36 week appt
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The doctor will just swab your vagina and rectum to get a sample for the strep b test. Very simple and should be pain free.

It was uncomfortable when the doctor checked my cervix, but he told explained it beforehand and said there could be sporting afterwards. It really wasn't that bad though and I didn't hurt or spot any afterwards.

Good luck ladies! We are getting close!!
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oh ok....thank you very much!!!!! i hope i dont carry strep b because any antibiotic i get put on gives me a yeast infection and that is the last thing i want to deal with the week of delivery :( but its just one more thing that makes us women who we are!!!!!
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I thought my water broke so they checked my cervix. Brought me to tears it hurt so bad! It hadnt broke but my fluid was low. I was scheduled to be induced the next day. They asked me at the hospital if i wanted them to check to see if it broke yet....um hell no! Im being induced...doesnt matter at this point. Wish i was warned! She couldnt reach my cervix so she had to push my belly down to make my cervix MEET her fingers....so fricken painful!
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I did the same today and my dr just did my strep b in my vaj not my butt like some people said. ugh i still not dilated. I have to dilate 1 cm and he will induce me on the 29 or 30th!!! i cant wait!
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I hated thay! My doctor had to push to get my cervix to meet her fingers too. Oh. My. God. I think I came up off the table. My husband looked mortified like "I didn't think that was even possible.Every time iI try to go that deep you tell me it hurts!" YEA BC IT DOES HURT! Does it look like I was enjoying myself? Lol
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Ugh I have mine this Friday .. And I've gotten ultrasounds vaginally which almost made me cry I'm so sensitive to pain I guess
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Oh man I nearly cried when she checked my cervix it felt like she shoved her whole arm up there!!!!!

Group b didn't hurt just was uncomfortable because the Swab thing was like a mascara brush!!!
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**** why did I read this my 36 w appt is monday lol
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My internal hurt too. Even when he measured my fundal height it hurt!! Everything is so sore and my uterus/stomach area is so sensitive. :(
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@cassandra...my 36 week appointment is next thursday...I was thinking the same dam* thing!!! Everyone has me all scared now! :(
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I have to be honest it hurt me a lot but when you think about it it's totally worth hurting for about 30 seconds!!! I have a little cramping after but not enough to even bother me at all. I also have endometriosis so my uterus has scar tissue so I might be more sensitive so it might not hurt you ladies as much
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The swab was the same as a pap for me. and i have been getting my cervix checked since i was 30 weeks and it doesn't hurt to bad. I just cramp afterwards. but how i look at it its something you have to do in order to meet your little one. My dr must be genital, i know he loves his job every time he hears the baby's heartbeat all he does is smile. and that right there lets me know that im going to the right person.  
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If you think getting your cervix checked hurts wait til labor or if you have to be induced! I had high BP and lots of protein in my urine so last thursday I was induced and to soften your cervix they gotta shove a little pill in your cervix I cried! And then if that doesn't work which it didn't for me they put a little tampon thing in there which also hurt! And made me have "the bloody show" but still nothing much so Friday morning they started me on pitocin which didn't even do anything til the highest dose and all that made me do was my water break and I got to 3CM and that was it so I had c section! Its all worth it ladies! :)
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