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Chest Pains

I'm 25w4d now, and for this past, I dunno, week, I've been getting these strange sharp pains on the right side of my chest.
Sometimes it'll only last a few seconds, sometimes just a minute or two.
That happens maybe once every day or so, SOMETIMES two...

But like, today, I got a really REALLY sharp pain on my right side, followed by a tightness in my throat... then like, the pain traveled up the left side of my neck to my ear, but that pain wasn't that bad, it was more annoying than painful... but the sharp pain on the right side of my chest was really uncomfortable.

It lasted for about a good minute, but now, like 15 minutes later, I still kinda got that uneasy tightness in my throat, and a minor head ache.
I also have kinda like an achey feeling, like a tension headache would give you, in my upper back, and my right elbow joint is achey too.

I dunno wtf is going on.
My heartbeat is normal, the baby's been kickin away off and on this past hour like normal, I'm not dizzy or anything. I've been peeing like crazy though...

I'm a smoker, so maybe that's a hint.
Ontop of that I'm hungry... maybe it's just that.
But I also get REALLY bad heartburn for hours and hours everyday, I hope I didn't do perminant damage to my esaphagus causing me to get these pains.
OR it could just be the baby... I dunno.

Has anyone else experienced this before?
Or does anyone know what might be causing this?
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It could be a stich or a trapped nerve which is caused by the baby rising up and pressing on your diaghphram. Im 31 weeks now and i get some sharp pains and breathless very easily especially after eating.

Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your body so try not to worry too much but if it gets very bad see a doctor :)
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okay good.
I was fixin to call the er cuz I thought I was having a heart attack er something.
But my grams had a heart attack so I know what to expect... I was just over reacting.
And I'm hungry again and the baby is moving around again... and that pain is back.
I think the combination of the two is causing that pain.
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