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I know your not supposed to drink coffee when your prgnant...right? Well normally every morning i drink 2 cups of coffee...how can i stop that cuz lol well i need my coffee in the morning lol
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You can have it once a day...maybe just cut it back to 1 cup a day. My midwife told me I could drink coffee or soda once a day if I wanted to, just not more than 8oz in a day. I actually don't drink coffee or soda, so I didn't have a problem cutting back. Everything in moderation. =)
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i'll be very honest at the risk of getting told off...i go off coffee in pregnancy but i LOVE my cups of tea and i have a few a day...and not the decaffeinated kind. it's my 4th pregnancy...and the 4th time all is well.
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The data on caffeine in pregnancy is inconclusive, so follow your doctor's advice (most dr's say 1 cup per day, but is that 8oz? 12? not sure).  As for me, I cut back, but then eliminated it due to heart palpitations--it was easier than I thought to switch to decaf.  You could try it out and see how you feel.  Good luck.
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I'm like you.. Before I was pregnant I needed my coffee a couple times a day. When I got pregnant in Jan, I was so upset to give up my coffee. But i cut down to one cup a day and now actaully I do not drink anything caffinated (coffee, tea, soda) I drink everything decaf and I actually can't taste a difference. It will probably be hard at first but you'll get used to it. I was also like this with smoking. It was very hard but I stopped all together when I found out I was preggo.
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My doctor told me I could have 2-3 caffinated drinks a day.  Sometimes I had none, other times I did have 3.  I would treat myself to a Starbuck Frappucino once or twice a week, because they are my absolute favorite.  I have an addiction to diet coke LOL, so I switched to diet/caffiene free.  Everything turned out ok with me and the baby :)
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Before I got Pregnant I had about 5-6 cups of Coffee a day! I didn't know how I was going to give it up. But I had 2 previous M/C and I was paranoid about this Pregnancy so I quit. It was so TOUGH...but I had a cup of decaf here and there which helped and made me feel like I was having the real stuff. Plus you'll need the real stuff after the babies born, thats when you'll really be running to your coffee pot for some CAFFEINE..lol. My son is now 4 months and I only drink 2 cups a day but I need it!

However, my doctor did say I could have 1 cup of Coffee per day. I just chose not too since I was so paranoid about loosing the baby. But studies show it is safe and okay to do that.

I wish you luck! And Congrats!
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thank you soo much ladies for the input and advice :)
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Maybe you could take a 1/2 cup of coffee and add additional hot water to the rest of the cup.  Then you could have your second cup the same way.  It's still only 1 cup total, but feels like two, right??
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I have always been told that 2 caffeinated beverages a day is fine. Some days I need more than that so I dont fall flat on my face.
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tea actually has more caffeine in it.
your doctor will let you know the rules, just like the ladies above said, one cup a day is ok.  if you want more i would do a de-caf one.  or maybe even start with the half-caffenated kind and you could have 2 cups of that.

i had caffeinated things in moderation when i was pregnant.
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