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Conception Date?

Alright I'm thoroughly confused. Medhelp's pregnancy tracker says that we conceived on the 16th of Feb but the app on my phone ("I'm Expecting") says that we conceived on the 1st of March. Now what gets me is this part right here: BOTH the website and my phone's app give me the same due date (11/22/12) BUT slightly different weeks and days that I'm along. Medhelp says that I'm going to be 5weeks tomorrow. But my phone's app says that I'm 4weeks 5days. Which I guess the weeks and days thing isn't that bad. But I went to the clinic today to verify my pregnancy and the nurse said I was only 4weeks and 4days. I don't think that shes right and heres why: when I came into the clinic once I got my paperwork done things were going quickly but after I gave them my sample I was waiting for FOREVER. No joke. I waited so long that people that came in after me came and left before I even got word of my results. So I went over to the lab and the lab told me that yes they had my results it was just the nurse I was waiting for. Even AFTER I went to the lab still no nurse. Finally a nurse that had passed me at least five times asked me if I was ok (because I was getting a hot flash and I asked my boyfriend to touch my head and it concerned her) so then she had to go get my nurse. My nurse didn't even tell me that I was pregnant. She went straight into questions about my pregnancy and then proceeded to tell me that I'm only 4weeks 4days but she gave me the same due date as everything else. But the thing is I think that Medhelp's estimate is more accurate cause when they took my weight today I gained 10 pounds  since I've become pregnant already! Idk. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading my long long question/rant. :) Any help is appreciated :)
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Nobody can tell you exactly when, early in pregnancy it can still be a week or so off from any estimate given. But if you conceived approximately 3 weeks ago (making you ~5 weeks pregnant since they add two weeks to conception), you would have conceived sometime around the end of February, beginning of March. Not sure what's up with the Medhelp tracker.
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First off thanks for reading my LONG question :) I appreciate it. Right but I just don't understand how those two different conception dates come up with the same weeks and days that I'm along and the same due date if they're different conception dates. Wouldn't the feb 16th conception date put me farther along? I don't know how this works cause this is my first pregnancy. Thanks for answering my question again :) I posted another question about weight gain if you want to take a peek at it. The reason why I think I'm farther is because of my weight gain and symptoms. But who knows, your right nobody for sure knows. I just looked at my phones app again and realized and huge error in medhelps conception date. The day it says we conceived was the second day of my last normal period. How could I have conceived while having a period??? LOL. Thanks again :)
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Something to make you laugh..... I am 33, my birthday is 11/22.... I read this to my mom (bc of the same "birth date") she said to me... " Oh yes.. Back seat of the car that cold February night" hahaha.... Sounds like you prob concieved late February ;) congrats sweetie!
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I remember when I entered my info for this tracker, it wasn't clear to me whether they wanted the LMP date or the conception date. With a due date of 11/22. Plugging that date in, you likely conceived near the 1st of March but had your last period mid-period.

As for the weight gain question, 10 lbs is very high for how far along you are. Are you sure you didn't mistake your previous weight? Or, if you weighed yourself on different scales (e.g., at home versus at the doctor's office), they can be off by 5+ lbs (home scales are notoriously inaccurate). There would also be differences depending on clothing, time of day, etc. I would watch what you eat and wait until you are weighed at the doctor's again, with the same scale.
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:) thanks for that it did make me laugh :) Your mom has a good sense of humor thanks for sharing that with me :) and yeah I agree with you about late feb. Despite my huge weight gain >:( lol Thanks :)
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Yeah thats exactly what the app on my phone says (a conception date of the 1st march). Well a couple years ago my avg. weight was 12-125 but then as I've gotten older and taller my avg. has been 130-135 but then this year I gained only a couple of pounds because my boyfriends family cooks with lard but I usually avoid the food cooked with lard. Last time I took my weight I was around 135-137 which was only a month or two ago. Then when I went to the clinic today to confirm my pregnancy when they took my weight I was 148. I wasn't wearing anything extra like jackets but she didn't even have me take my shoes off so maybe thats what put on the extra pounds combined with the weight from my clothes? Thanks for the reply and for reading my long question :)
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Next time take off your shoes, jacket, ect. And stay away from the.boyfriends family cooking. Lard is def not good for you or the baby! Eat before you go over so if they ask if ur hungry, you can say without lying "no, I just ate". Healthy you... Healthy baby! :)
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Alright :) thanks for the advice :) maybe if I had taken those things off I wouldn't have weighed in so heavy! lol. Yeah I'll make sure to do that :) Thanks so much :)
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You are very welcome :)
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I gained 10 lbs. by the end of the first trimester at 14 weeks, and docs yelled at me for that. But I wasn't eating junk food or anything, I just didn't have really bad morning sickness, so I wasn't throwing anything up the first few months like a lot of women. I've gotten sick twice my entire pregnancy. The nausea was bad enough though that I ate a lot of bread and crackers trying to settle it, and wasn't able to exercise much. Bad combo...but it's slowed down since, I just started out higher than most women. 10 lbs. in 5 weeks does seem like a lot, I wonder if you might have been gaining weight prior to pregnancy and just weren't aware of it yet? If you don't weigh yourself every week, it's not hard to put on a few pounds, especially around your boyfriend's family's cooking. :)
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The problem with conception dating, is that it is extremely subjective and nearly impossible to pin down unless you are charting or undergoing fertility treatments. A good place to start to guess is when was your expected period? How long are your cycles normally? If they're irregular, you'll really have to wait until you get an ultrasound to know your exact dates. Even then, conception can be off a week or so.

For example, I was charting and taking fertility drugs, and knew the day I ovulated. By my period, the nurses said my edd was 12/12/10. But I knew I ovulated a week later, on cd21. So, then my midwife said my edd was 12/21/10, but according to the day I ovulated, it would have been 12/19/10. See? It's impossible to know for sure what day you ovulated and conceived. The edd that I figured up was closer to the one the midwife gave me at my ultrasound as opposed to the one I was given based on my lmp. At any rate, she came before any of those edd's at 12/09/10. :)

As for the weight gain, it would be highly unlikely that you would gain 10 pounds within 2-3 weeks of getting pregnant. Unless you were weighing yourself religiously, it sounds like you may have been gaining prior to getting pregnant. And some of it may just be baby bloat and water weight. Weight gain isn't an accurate prediction of how far along you are. I only gained ten pounds my entire pregnancy (I had severe morning sickness).

Once you have your first ultrasound, it'll give you a more accurate date on when you conceived. :)
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Yeah I can relate to that :) But the thing is is that normally I don't eat very often. Some days my boyfriend would have to remind me to eat lol. But I think you guys are right. I probably was gaining a little bit of weight due to the cooking (as much as I hate to admit it :/ ) Yeah I'm not the type of person to weigh myself all the time. Shoot I don't even own a scale lol The only time I've ever been able to weigh myself is at the doctors office, my grandparents house, or the lady who I babysit for on occasion. I try not to be concerned about my weight cause I don't want to create an unhealthy mentality so I just do my best to eat lots of vegetables fruits dairy and mainly chicken and fish (but no more fish for me now lol). Thanks for the response again :) You helped me figure out that I put on a little bit before I got pregnant and now those pounds are exaggerated by the bloating. I cant wait till I'm clearly showing so I don't feel fat lol. :)
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