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Concerns about getting an IUD

I have an appointment on the 9th and im getting an IUD rather than having my tubes tied. I have resently heard all kinds of stories about woman getting pregnant while using it as BC. I dont want to have anymore children so the thought of getting pregnant again scares me. We cant afford another child right now either. Who knows maybe we will win the lottery in the future and I can have as many more as I want but for now I like the idea of BC I dont have to worry about. Anybody ever gotten pregnant while using it or have heard of anyone that has?? Or maybe its worked great for you , I would realy like to hear your stories:-)
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I don't want to butt in as this is obviously a personal decision. But have you guys thought about a vasectomy?
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Yah DH wants to get one but he doesnt have insurance. I just dont want to have to beg him for more children in the future if I ever get the baby bug. I know its revesable but.............. I just thought the IUD would be a great form of reliable BC.
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i had an iud put in a couple of years ago and it worked great for me.  i had a copper coil cause i knew i would want more children in the future.  i have never heard of anyone getting pregnant while have one in.  there are so many benifits to it as well.  its easily removed and its there and you never have to worry about it.  the other great thing is that if oyu get the copper coil it dosnt interfere with your ovulation in any way and as soon as it comes out your body goes back to normal imediately because there are no horomones released into your system.  i won't lie though.  its really unpleasent havent it put in.  however its quick and once its in there you dont have to worry.  hope that helps you.  if you want to ask me anything else dont hesitate to.  
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I just got one about 8w after ds was born...he is about 5months2weeks now...I LOVE it!  I got the copper one which my doctor recommended.  There are no hormones so no increased risk for cancer or no time for your body to adjust/readjust if you decide to get it taken out.  AND he said it was like double birth control...the ph of the copper makes it so that the vagina is too acidic for sperm to survive and even if one did, the placement of the iud blocks entry.  I found that the speculum hurt more than the insertion...I didn't even realize he was done!  It was soo quick!  That day and the next I had some bad cramping but that was it and I took some motrin...no bid deal!  I am so glad I don't have to remember a pill every day and I am glad I am not putting hormones into my body.  I would highly recommend it!  Also, they are good for 10 yrs.  

Good luck on your decision!
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Hey Tab,

I had one after Ethan, Even know I Loved it. I had it take in out because I was having pain with it. Not all the time, just during sex....I will be trying it again after this little one, I hope it works...I have to heard of women getting pregnant while using this but you can get pregnant with any BC you take..
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