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Concerns about getting an IUD

I have an appointment on the 9th and im getting an IUD rather than having my tubes tied. I have resently heard all kinds of stories about woman getting pregnant while using it as BC. I dont want to have anymore children so the thought of getting pregnant again scares me. We cant afford another child right now either. Who knows maybe we will win the lottery in the future and I can have as many more as I want but for now I like the idea of BC I dont have to worry about. Anybody ever gotten pregnant while using it or have heard of anyone that has?? Or maybe its worked great for you , I would realy like to hear your stories:-)
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I don't want to butt in as this is obviously a personal decision. But have you guys thought about a vasectomy?
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Yah DH wants to get one but he doesnt have insurance. I just dont want to have to beg him for more children in the future if I ever get the baby bug. I know its revesable but.............. I just thought the IUD would be a great form of reliable BC.
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i had an iud put in a couple of years ago and it worked great for me.  i had a copper coil cause i knew i would want more children in the future.  i have never heard of anyone getting pregnant while have one in.  there are so many benifits to it as well.  its easily removed and its there and you never have to worry about it.  the other great thing is that if oyu get the copper coil it dosnt interfere with your ovulation in any way and as soon as it comes out your body goes back to normal imediately because there are no horomones released into your system.  i won't lie though.  its really unpleasent havent it put in.  however its quick and once its in there you dont have to worry.  hope that helps you.  if you want to ask me anything else dont hesitate to.  
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I just got one about 8w after ds was born...he is about 5months2weeks now...I LOVE it!  I got the copper one which my doctor recommended.  There are no hormones so no increased risk for cancer or no time for your body to adjust/readjust if you decide to get it taken out.  AND he said it was like double birth control...the ph of the copper makes it so that the vagina is too acidic for sperm to survive and even if one did, the placement of the iud blocks entry.  I found that the speculum hurt more than the insertion...I didn't even realize he was done!  It was soo quick!  That day and the next I had some bad cramping but that was it and I took some motrin...no bid deal!  I am so glad I don't have to remember a pill every day and I am glad I am not putting hormones into my body.  I would highly recommend it!  Also, they are good for 10 yrs.  

Good luck on your decision!
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Hey Tab,

I had one after Ethan, Even know I Loved it. I had it take in out because I was having pain with it. Not all the time, just during sex....I will be trying it again after this little one, I hope it works...I have to heard of women getting pregnant while using this but you can get pregnant with any BC you take..
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I had one put in after I had my youngest daughter, but can't recall what type I had (it was 20 years ago).  I used it for about a year and then had it taken out, as it made my periods/cramping much more significant.  I elected to have a tubal after they removed it.
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I don't have one yet, but I am planning on getting one as soon as I can go to the doc, which will be the 28th of Oct.  I too have heard about women getting pregant while they have it, and I was going to run it past my doc, cuz me and DH can't afford any more babies at the moment...  In addition to that I got pregnant while I was on BC before and would prefer not to do it again.  Plus taking the pill every day gets old, putting a ring in every week for three weeks is annoying too, and the shots can make you extreamly bloated.  But who knows we will see once I go to the doc what I really decied to do.
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I had the Mirena IUD put in after my daughter was born. I LOVED it. For me I never had a period on it heck I never even spotted. It was great. I had it removed last Nov tho as we wanted to try for baby #2. I am now 21 weeks preggers.  DH and I are done so he is getting a vesectomy. However if he opted not to do that I would get an IUD again in a heartbeat!

Good luck!
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I had a horrible experience with an IUD. I'm getting my tubes tied after I deliver my 3rd baby next month. I had the IUD right after I had my second child and had it in for two years. It took about a year when I started to notice that I would get SOOOO many infections and every time my period came I would get numbness on one side of my leg so I would punch it to to calm the pain alittle. Aslo the doctor that placed my IUD in New York back in '03, cut the string too short for me to keep checking it. You need to be checking it to make sure it doesn't get imbedded into your uterus. But this decision is only for you to make. I'm only sharing my opinion on the subject. Plus I know every womens body is different. It might work well for other women but in my case it didn't. It really depends if your done having childrend to get your tubes tied. Best of luck on your decision~Kelly
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Let me add that I have been in the medical field 13 years and 5 of those years was OB-Gyne. The effective rate of the IUD is 99.9%. However those that get pregnant on it often do so because it was either inserted incorrectly or for some reason it shifted soon after plcmt and then is pushed out during a period. Both of those situations are very RARE.  If ever concerned the doctor can do an ultrasound to check proper placement.
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Thank you ladies! I guess Im going to try it and just see how it goes. Hopefully it will be put in right so I dont get knocked up, lol. I dont know why im so afraid of getting my tubes tied. I mean I have 4 beautiful children and I finally got my little girl.  I know I dont want anymore kids but..............IDK, its kinda stupid, I just had DD 7 weeks ago and already im sad because I know that was it. The last time I would ever be pregnant:-(
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I just went for my pap & talked to my ob about the copper iud's effectiveness and he said it was the same as a tubal....just fyi!
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Thanks Heather! Do you know if there is a diffrence between the ones that have hormones or no hormones and if you still have a period?? I would really rather not get a period but I dont want hormones if it can be avioded:-)
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I had my Mirena IUD put in July of 2008. I love it. It's so nice not having to worry about taking the pill. I rarely get AF and if I do it's small spotting for a couple days. It was uncomfortable when it was put in, but I suggest taking some Tylenol or  something before you go. I was able to go back to work after with mild cramping. I knew of one person that became pregnant with it and I brought that concern to my doctor. He said that it is very rare for that to happen and it was probably the result of poor after care. Which you need to make sure you go for your annual and your doctor will check for the strings. I think it's definitely worth having and I was suggest it to anyone who doesn't want to worry about birth control. Good luck with your decision.

Just keep in mind there is always the risk of pregnancy with ANY type of birth control....even a tubal.
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I had the Mirena inserted after my first son and the Paraguard after my second (I didn't want hormones the second time around). I LOVE it! As far as I am concerned it is the best form of birth control. Painless, effective, cheap (considering how many years it lasts), and it requires virtually no maintenance.

The probability of getting pregnant with an IUD is extremely low so I wouldn't worry about it. My mother had one between each child, and after her last until she went through menopause and never had any problems.
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Thank you Meg! I will have to remember the tyenol:-)
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I had my Mirena IUD in for 4 years and I LOVED EVERY MIN OF IT!  While I will say that I had it removed in June as i'm trying to have a baby and my periods now are EXTREMELY heavy..However, with the IUD it was nonexistent.  My doctor actually told me the Mirena is if not more effective just as effective as having your tubes tied.
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Lighter periods w/ mirena...heavier periods w/paragard copper iud but no hormones...wiggly baby gotta go!

and i took some ibuprofen an hr before insertion...
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My sister had the iud and had many problems with it, bleeding for long periods of time, and missing periods, icredible pain etc.
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Ok by now you guys are probably getting tired of my questions, lol. But I was wondering one more thing. Can you feel it during sex??? Will DH be able to feel it?? Just wondering from experiance if you could feel it or not:-)
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DH will not be able to feel it. I never felt it during sex. It is so far up into the cervix. I did feel my string for about the first 2 weeks but it was not painful. Just noticeable that something was there. :)
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For me it hurt during sex, the only time it did....but other then that I could not feel it.
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Toni- It hurt every time you had intercorse????
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