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Confessions of a crabby, swollen pregnant woman

my confession for the day is:

i confess that i think 'detective stabler' from svu is damn sexy = )  i also confess that i dispise changing my daughters poopy diapers they make me gag... i also confess that alec balwin is hot in an old dirty man kind of way

anyone else have confessions?  

* note *  this is a thread to discuss secret confessions.. it is meant to be fun and silly .. not to be taken seriously
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I have to agree Detective Stabler is pretty sexy.
I confess that as much as I love feeling baby move, it kind of creeps me out a little when I can tell a knee is running along my ribs.
I also think the old guy from NCIS is pretty hot in an older guy sort of way.
I confess that during this whole pregnancy I can't stop having dreams about exes...not goody goody dreams either.
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Too cute!
My confession for the day is :
I Confess that i hate getting up in the mornings..i confess that i hate how in my pregnancy at the beginning im always sick and find it hard to eat!...i confess that im head over heals in love with edward and am impatiently waiting for twilight to come out!...and i also confess that im am being a super bi*** and i really cant help it because of hormones!! lol....
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Ewww, Alec Balwin! LOL I confess that Huge Heffner is a good looking old man!! I also confess that I wear the same pants more then once before washing them. I confess that my kids drive me CRAZY must of the time(but i love it) I confess that I dont do the dishes everyday, I wait intill they pile up then do them!! LOL I think part of me hopes that Dh will do them!! I confess that I am on MH and FB way to much!!
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hahaha toni!! most of your confessions are mine as well!!!   my dh finally gets p issed when there no clean plates and then he does the dishes...  i can't wait for new moon to come either = )
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Ok i'm not pregnant...am I allowed to have confessions? lol
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I confess that I *hate* being pregnant; I LOVE my kids and I hope to have three or more in the future, but man do I hate pregnancy! There is *nothing* pleasant about it for me.

I confess that I really enjoyed the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (or whatever the movie's official title is...) because there was a scene where Hugh Jackman was running around naked, lol!

I confess that my husband does most of the housework, from dish washing to laundry to vacuuming to repair work--I just make food, take care of the majority of Trevor's needs, keep the pets fed, and "bring home the bacon," so to speak. I confess that I'd do more to keep up with my fair share of the housework, but dang it, my husband always gets to it before I have a chance--and I confess I usually feel a little guilty about that, but at the same time, so thankful.

I confess that the one bad influence I have made on my son is belching. I'm beginning to regret that now...  
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