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Confusing matter

Okay, so I have posted before with a possible pregnancy. but then I got a light period after and it lasted for about 4 days.  my partner and I waited two or three days after the bleeding stopped and we have intercourse again.
now... 2 days after we had sex I started to bleed not alot but it was there. but then stopped after a few minutes. what could this mean. delay on my period. it wasnt brown. it was light pink .. watery gross sorry i know

i have had stomach cramps and i have been tired... and a crap load of anxiety.. possible pregnancy or no? with this bleeding i am not sure what to think

my last post I was three days late for my period. but it finally came. it was lighter then what i usually get but it was there.. clots and all so I know thats not pg... but now with this little bleed i am not sure what to think anymore.

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really need answers.. had a plus sign on a one step test... but its like a line down.. faint.. but still a plus... comments plz
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if you've had  a poseven if faint its a pos, it maybe implantation bleeding or some women can get spotting or a very light period when it should be due and still be pregnant, as long as your not having strong cramps abd clots as well
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last week a little cramping.. sore lower back.. AF was three days later and then it started with spotting when i wiped then turned into a very light flow not like my usual periods. ... stopped after 3 or 4 days.. my partner and I waited for three days, had sex again.. two days later a small little gush of blood.. last for 2 minutes tops.. was weird.  now my legs are a bit crampy like i have been running for hours, super tired. and weird pulling in my stomach not cramp like.. but hard to explain, as well as a ton of anxiety.... I took the test mid day yesterday and boom a line was there ( making a plus sign ).. I showed a friend and she said thats a pos, not an evap.. so Should I just test again.. it was with a lifesign one step blue dye test. it was a solid line.. not a different color it was def' blue...

so confused on this matter.. this morning I thought I was going to throw up

Period was due Sept 19th.. that small flow started on Sept 21st ended the 23rd

had sex on the 27th   then the 29th was that 2 minutes spotting... nothing since then.... what are your thoughts?
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should i wait a couple of days and test again... this is so confusing.
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yeah I would wait a couple of days then retest or you could just go staright to your doctor and have bloods done it isnt unheard of to have a small perod like bleed as I said, or you could wait a couple of weeks and go for a dating scan, it can get bery confusing if you do have a bleed. The small spurt of bleeding could have come from your crevix as that gets swollen during pregnancy with blood vessels close to the surface, or on the otherhand I have had 2 miscarrages and with both I had intermitent bleeding over a week and then when for a scan which showed no heart beat. If you do retest and your preg has not progressed the preg hormones generally tend to drop pretty quickly and you may show up a neg result or go from a stron pos to a very faint pos. Hiope this helps
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Thanks. that is helpful.

I have a dr appt next week, its funny how your mind goes into over drive, I am now looking out for each sign.

I have had some mild cramping.. not like AF cramping. ALOT of lotion like CM very hungry.. insanely tired. and cranky as hell lol.
and I just have that feeling that i am PG... I have taken a few tests and they all have a faint plus sign.. i made a friend look at them because I didnt trust my eyes. I didnt want to read an Evap line. but she thinks its a pos.

my stomach is bloated too, not really liking it all that much. if it is a pos i would be close to 3-4 weeks along. this would be my second PG.. would my stomach bloat that much.. i dont remember since its been 6yrs
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