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Coping with pain during labor...?

This is mainly a question for moms who have already given birth... How did you cope with the contractions and pain during labor?
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By getting an epidural lol sorry im not much help
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I got by on gas and pethidine, i won't lie, labor HURTS!!!! But try to really stay focused, and listen to what your midwives tell you, its so easy to lose it and freak out. I guess you always have the option of an epidural too if it gets too much. Have a good support person there with you too!
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I got the epidural too lol that's my plan with this one too...I'm not much help either. Bump..
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I was using gas and air and didn't find them too painful but my contractions were mainly in my back, then they gave me an epidural as i wasn't allowed to move and ended up with a section, so am not much help either am afraid x
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I just walked around did my washing cooked food did everything to take my mind off it then I had pethidine when I went to hops I had my boy hour after coz I was active in labour. if you have the epidural you got to just stay in one place so never wanted that x
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I was induced so I couldn't get up so I ended up with the epidural, I'm not much help either.
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I was listening to relaxing music it helped alot!
cause my epidural was taking forever to take effect!
and for some reason it would only numb half of me >.<
also grabbing my hubbys hand and having him tell me that i would be okay
and baby was going to come soon it be worth it <3
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Take a birthing coach with you to keep you distracted. Mine rocked, she was just awesome!
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I didn't get any pain meds or epidural
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my fisrt 2 i had the epi , my 3 my labor was only 1 hour inside an ambulance
drive to the hospital so i didnt really had time to choose ..
will see what happens this time !
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I was at home for most of my contractions. I found them worse than actualy pushen my baby out. I got by on gas and air and believe me i thot i wld hav wanted everythng so i defo suprised maself. Just stay focused and keep thnkin ur goin to meet ur baby soon. I was very lucky aswell cos u do hear some horror stories and it scares u. But i didnt want an epi but i did say if i ask for it giv me it. But didnt need it after all.
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Everyone's experience and input helps - even if you got an epidural :) But leading up to that did you listen to music like Joceey, or have someone rub your back, or focus on something, deep breathing etc. I'm trying to prepare myself but I know nothing can actually prepare you for labor. I also know that going in there with an open mind is key, so I am, but it's always good to know other people's experiences, something's I may not think of that someone else has done could help :)
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I would just hug my husband and rock back and forth,  I never really used the breathing.  I used the tub at the hospital with my first and second.  It didnt help with my first cause I just wanted to be up moving, but really helped with my second.  Also getting in an almost meditative state picturing your baby in your head and the reason your doing it, or have an ultrasound picture or something to focus on.  Waiting a while to go to the hospital is a good idea too.  All 3 of mine were completely natural.  
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