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Could I be pregnant? Personal experience; please comment!

Hey everybody! This is my first time on an online forum, and I am looking for some personal experienced mothers to help a girl out!
Here's the background, sorry if it's TMI, just trying to get the best answer I can get!
My partner and I have been trying to have a little one, I haven't been on birth control since July 2018.

My LMP was April 7th 2019. I know I ovulated on April 22nd (I also have the "Flo" app which helps me keep track of everything! SUPER helpful!) I had unprotected sex about every other day during my "fertile window", plus the day before and the day of ovulation.
Now, I'm hoping my symptoms aren't mind over matter, (or premenstrual s/s), but I have been very nauseous every day for about the past week and a half- almost to the point of throwing up, tender/swollen breasts for a little over a week, craving weird things that I haven't had or thought about in years, lower abdominal cramping for about 3-4 days now, tiredness, very thirsty (which could be why I'm peeing a lot more), constipation, etc. I have had no "bleeding". My next period should be here on May 6th. It's May 1st and I took a negative pregnancy test this morning, but it could be way too early.

Are these normal s/s? Has anyone else experienced this during (week 3) of pregnancy? Could I be pregnant or am I just getting too excited about having a baby? Thank you all in advance!!
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I too wish you much luck!  One thing I did when we were 'trying' was to take my temp daily.  That was really helpful because when you take it regularly, you really see your own pattern clearly.  Your temp will raise 1 degree when you ovulate (so you know you did and your body tells you exactly when) and it stays high until right when you are about to start your period and then it drops down that 1 degree.  UNLESS you are pregnant. Then it won't drop. The two times it stayed at the higher degree was the two times I was pregnant. It doesn't lie!  And you would then know if you still 'could' be pregnant this cycle if the temp was still up.  You take it before you get out of bed in the morning (just kept the cheap digital thermometer on my bedside table with a little pad of paper to write the temp on). This was really helpful and insightful for me.

What is really hard about telling if you are pregnant from symptoms is that they can also be symptoms of a period coming, a cyst, etc.  Normally, you can get a positive pregnancy test 2.5 weeks after the last sex you had when trying .  I used early response tests that said you could get a positive 4 days before your period is expected and I did!  

It takes the average couple a year to get pregnant so do not feel bad if this isn't your month!  But hopefully it is!
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now that I keep hearing about the temperature trick, I am definitely going to use it. I didn't hear about it until after the fact. But awesome! Thanks so much!!
Ya, it was so helpful for me!  I actually liked knowing when I had ovulated too.  I wasn't always exact so that helped me time things.  Let us know if you get a positive or negative and how it goes!
I got 3 positive tests on 5-3 and 1 more positive test on 5-4!!
oh yah yah yah!!!!!  That's great news!!!!  I am thinking this is a go!!!!  Yippee!!
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Good luck with your quest! Your signs are encouraging. If I'm reading your time line right, there' a caution flag in that they started at ovulation time, not at probable implantation about 5 days later. Could that be because you had a weird ovulation, perhaps an ovarian cyst acting up? Keep your fingers crossed and run a home pregnancy test next weekend using first morning pee, and another a week later if necessary.

They suggest a fertility check on both partners if you have been trying for more than a year with no success.
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I've (knock on wood) never had an ovarian cyst. I should probably go get checked for one though! And I will definitely take another test next week, just anxious and hoping there's a little one growing :) thank you for responding!
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