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Cramps & Spotting

Just got a positive pregnancy test 2 days ago, about 4 weeks pregnant. I have an appointment with my doctor but not for another month. I called my doctor and they said it's normal and is probably implantation bleeding but I also had spotting a week ago and thought that was implantation bleeding. I'm just worried that something is wrong.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that the bleeding could be entirely normal, or it could be a sign of an impending miscarriage.  It is difficult to know.  The only way you would be able to know much at this early stage would be to do a blood test (quantitative beta hcg) and then repeat the test in 48 hours.  If it is doubling (approx.) then the pregnancy is healthy.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thanks for the advice. I went to the doctor today and he said I had a miscarriage :(
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I have the same exact problem every one keep sayin its normal but I dnt wanna see no blood at all. Even though it's dark brown blood my mind is still not at ease.  If yu find anything out let us know. Because I dnt have an appointment until next Month as well & The wait is killing me.

-best of luck
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Hi. Im experiencing the exact problem. Im 8 weeks along and my gynecologist said its some of the after birth that settled in already that is now running out. Its dark brown. This makes my anxious as my Gp says its a bladder infection because I bled last week for one day and 3 days after my visit at my gynecologist I started bleeding dark brown again.  This doesn't put you at ease at all. Please advise
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Im 6 weeks pregnant, n i started bleeding today only when i go toilet though i have a scan coming up but im really scared i had a miscarriaige a year ago n i really dont think i can go through it again, i cant seem to sleep can anyone help?
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Spotting and bleeding early in pregnancy is normal, as long as it is not really heavy bleeding, I had spotting early in pregnancy wich was implantation bleeding, and the sunday just gone I started bleeding really heavy and felt like my baby had came out, having a miscarrage before I was sure that I had lost it, the doctor booked me a scan for yesterday to make sure all of the pregnancy had came out and to our supprise the baby was still there as healthy as he / she should be for 7 weeks 6days :) so they said it was either twins and I had lost one or it was bruising from implantation that had formed into a sort of clot and fell away, I am still bleeding a small amount now but baby is fine, unfortunately if you are going to miscarry there is nothing that can be done in the early stages, I had terrible cramping pains with my son it was so painfull it brought me to tears and I couldn't do anything to ease the pain I just had to let it run its course and it eventually stopped after a week or 2, and my friend bled through her whole pregnancy and has a healthy baby girl, dont know if this helps anyone
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hi I toke 2 pregnancy test and they both came out postive the next day my period still came & I felt cold ache and dizzy can someone relate to this or explain to me an answer?
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so I just took a preg test Thursday,  and I'm confused on who's it might be,  I had sex with guy 1 on feb 13 ( my last period was feb 8 - 12) & had sex with guy2 on February 19 , WHOS COULD IT BE? IS IT TO EARLY TO BE GUY #2?
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Im 15 weeks pregnant. My fiance and i just made love and i went to go pee and wiped there was a tiny bright red spot on the toilet paper. So i wiped again and the was another spot. My fiance and i are really scared. I have been keeping an eye on it and i havent had anymore spotting. I have never spotted before, this is my first pregnancy as well. Please help! :/
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So is it normal to cramp at the beginning of your pregnancy! ?!? Please help! I'm 7weeks today
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Its deff guy #1 your body naturally takes about 4 weeks or more to produce hcg hormone (which is whats used to detect pregnancy at home tests) and march 19 would be too soon...and you wouldnt have concieved the baby until like beginning of march and that would mean that you wouldnt test positive pregnant with guy#2  until april 1st. So yess defff guy #1.
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Hello, just looking for some opinions. I have a very regular period. My last one was March 11-14th. I had sex the 7th as well as the day after. Therefore my next period isn't until April 8-12th. Well today I went to the bathroom and noticed I was spotting. Not enough to wear a pad but enough to see what was going on. Two weeks before my period. It only happened for about 30 minutes and is gone. Any help?
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