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Cramps or Contractions?

Ok ladies, so I've been having cramping for about twelve hours now. It feels like bad menstrual cramps but I'm unsure because during my periods I don't get cramps (lucky me I know). I'm 35 weeks and the pain starts off dull then gets a little worse then goes away some what. The whole thing lasts for a minute or two and they're about 20 minutes apart. I don't want to jump to the whole IM IN LABOR idea lol and I def don't want to end up in the hospital twelve times because I think I'm going to into labor, so any help??

Also this is my first child.
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Im the same.im 36wks and 4 days and getting those pains myself, last night at 3am i thought i was in labour but then the pains went and i fell asleep again.i have them again on and off. I guess its just the body preparing for the real thing.this is my 2nd pregnancy and on my first 7yrs ago i cant remember having cramps or pain at 36weeks.i had her at 41 wks.i feel stupid to ring the labour dept they almost know me on a first name basis! I am a high risk pregnancy this time though. I suppose start timing them and if they get closer in time and stronger in pain then ring the hospital and defo go if they are 5mins apart.(if u are within an hour from hospital)
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I'd say they're just Braxton hicks. Real contractions only get stronger and stronger and closer together. Like they will get really quite painful and not go away. Probably not much help but if you're really worried it doesn't hurt to get checked :)
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I've been having the same for about a week of so now they are just practise contractions they will eventually get stronger but for now midwife said they are just preparing the cervix I'm 39 weeks so fingers crossed won't be long for you or me lol
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Either way it doesnt matter if they are cramps or contractions. When youre in labor you will know. If tou have to question it that means youre not in labor yet.
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I had something similar last night but it wasn't really cramping. It was a tightening in my stomach that made me feel nauseous. I'm thirty two weeks but once i laid on my left side for about twenty minutes it went away
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If that feeling of cramps gets stronger and close together with timing between them, go to hospital because it's baby time
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