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Csection scheduled.... baby breech at 36 week!! scared !

I am almost 36 weeks now and baby is still breech.My doc is seeing very less chances of baby turning head down because since week 16 either baby is breech or transverse. He is not advising for ECV because this is my first pregnancy and he says that i have'nt proven my pelvic size that i cab deliver a 8 pound baby.
Doc scheduled a c-section for me on Dec 19th.
I am kinda scared,Can ladies who had c-section before share their experience about breast feeding, postpartum recovery and things i should be prepared for ??  
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I'm 34 weeks and my baby is breech. My dr said if she hasn't turned by my next appt in two weeks then she will schedule me for a c section. I'm terrified of having one.
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I had a c-section with my son 16.5 months ago. It was a last min thing after 36 hours of active labor and 4 hours of pushing. After all that work and pain it wasn't too bad having someone else do the work. lol. My son was still able to breastfeed just fine I was sure to tell the docs and nurses NOT to give him a bottle or anything to put in his mouth until I got to feed him. He latched on right away and suckled for 45 min stright. :) My recovery wasn't too bad it would've been better if I didn't move right after my c-section but it didn't hurt too bad I was given like 40 percoset and only took three after I left the hospital. I did evd up with an infection in my uterus but they gave me some antibiotics and it cleared right up. :) I'm scheduled to have a second C-section March 20th. :)
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I had a c-section, after 12 hours of labor and losing his H/B. I ended up with an emergency c-section, and was put under, that was the only bad part..I really wish I was able to stay awake but my son's health was most important. I recovered very well, only about a week and a half before I felt almost completely healed. I was really worried about a c-section because I heard horror stories and my sister had 2, she had a rough recovery, but she has NO pain tolerance at all. It really wasn't all the painful. Don't overdo yourself right after because you'll be more sore and take longer to heal, and take medicine as you need it. I breastfed as soon as I was in the recovery room, no problems at all. I'll be having a repeat c-section in January! :) Try not to stress about it, and sometimes baby DO flip last minute, there was a woman on here that her baby flipped at 39 weeks, and as crazy as it sounds she stood on her head a few times a day, and the baby flipped. You can also google positions to try flipping baby naturally. Good luck mama!
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Thanks ladies !! I am trying various positions but so far seems nothing is working.. Dont know what my little boy is upto .... Just want him to be comfortable enough in there ;)  
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I was induced and after my water was broken I couldn't dialate passed a five so after twelve hrs of labor I had a c section and the only downside is having no ab muscles for a while and having to build them back up. I'm having a scheduled c section again march 20th because of me being so little
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