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For those of you who had them, how did you know? I've noticed the last few months when it's around ovulation time and I have to pee when I try to go I get pain in my left side down. I was just pressing lightly on my abdomen around where my ovary is and it's tender. Should I be worried about this or is it just because I'm about to ovulate?
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I'm sure that everyone is different. I've had two that I have actually "known" of.  To me it was my lower abdomen,side, and back. I had to go to the doctors and have ultrasounds because I thought I was having kidney stones or something. They were not fun at all!
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I am on clomid 50mg for last 2 cycles. It doesnt pain when I have to pee specifically but it pains generally even if i am not peeing on either sides where my ovaries are. Some times on left and some time on right sides. It is like a twinging pain like we get inn boobs. But if it is untolerable then u might hv to consult the doctor. Also I am not sure if u r on any medication that stimulate ur ovaries. If not and if the pain is mild then it might be just ovulation pain.
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I'm not on any medication, I've just noticed it the last few months around ovulation time, and possibly right before AF, not sure, can't remember.

wantinajellybean...It's the same place for me my left side, back, and down into my lower abdomen. That's what made me wonder.
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I had this sharp pain that would come like up and down my stomach around ovulation time.  When I went to the doctor, they did a vaginal ultrasound and found small cysts.  Then, I missed my period for 7 months straight and when they did another vaginal ultrasound they found a lot of cysts and that's when I was diagnosed with PCOS.
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My period has actually become more regular, going from 29-38 days to 29-31 days.
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I get those pains too and my doctor said they are functioning cysts.  They grow with the follicle to help when it's time to release the egg.  He said that everyone gets them; however, only some people actually feel them.  When I was pregnant the u/s tech said there is your cyst, like it were normal and I started to worry.  That was when my doctor explained it to me.  At first when I felt it and I knew I was prego, I thought it was ectopic because of the pain in my ovary.  I still get them every cycle and that is how I know when I'm going to ovulate.  My doctor said that the people that can feel them are lucky because they get some kind of a warning that they are going to ovulate!!  
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