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Death Fear & Pregnancy

Hi everyone! Im 30wk and4days pregnant and within the last few weeks I've developed a very strong fear of death.  I constantly think what if one of my relatives passes, and all sorts of horrible things.  Sure, everyone fears death, but this has gotten to be very overwhelming and stressful, to the point where I want to move back in with my family (and yes, I'm married!).  I never fear about my husband, just my parents, and younger brother.  It seems to start off with anxiety and then it turns to horrible thoughts.  Am I losing it? Is this hormones? Has anyone else experienced this?
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This is My first pregnancy and I'm constantly worried she will be a stillborn...I've had thousands of dreams about this and it scares the hell out of me... I think its hormones
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Omg im going through the same thing... This is my second pregnancy and i felt the same exact way with my first and now that im pregnant again its happening all over... I dont worry about bd but i constantly worry about my mom and baby brother, everytime i think about it i pray and i think about all day...
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There is actually a ton of women affected by anxiety in pregnancy and postpartum. With my 1st i had such bad anxiety I used to run over hourly in my head my exit strategy if there was a natural disaster. Omg crazy right. It happens jut try to stay calm and remember although hormones are great to help our bodies support life they also suck in many ways :) good luck.
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Just pray about it and have faith that God is our protector. I was doing the same thing with my family and I'm pregnant as well, but I kept praying and asking God for comfort and a sudden peace came over me.... Leave everything in Gods hands cause bbygirl we can't control what happens in life but we can pray about it and believe with faith :)
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i agree with u
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I lost my grandmother a few days ago, and my baby is due any day. It's really hard, but I believe she will be protecting me and she will be with me during my delivery. She wanted so badly to meet the baby :( . We knew she was going though. I'll keep your families safety in my prayers!
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I jst lost my grandma 2 weeks ago. we thought she had longer ti live and I was planning in taking my lil boy up to see her after he is born. but we found out she had cancer then the next week she pasted away.
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I already have this phobia before my pregnancy after losing someone very close to me and also my father at a young age I cant get to grips with how cruel the world is but I tell myself everyday I'm wasting the time I spend worrying we will never get that to back again the more worrying about it the less I am living I can't put that on my child an my husband
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Thank you all for your posts. Im glad Im not going through this by myself.  Its upsetting, and I hope I overcome it. My family was always very strict on me, and I always was the rebel.  So I feel as if I didn't get to enjoy being around my parents as much as I should have bc I was such a brat.  Also, my younger brother and I are 19 years apart.  Once he was born I could do anything I wanted, so I didn't stick around to watch him grow.  I got married at 26, now I'm 28 and experiencing this anxiety of not being around them, and all these stupid thoughts come to my mind.  I def. try and push them away by telling myself that I believe in God, and I shouldn't be over stressing myself.  I hope this is a phase, and I hope I dont get depression after I have my child.
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I think its hormornes
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I am going through the exact same thing. I am 28 weeks pregnant and over the past 2 weeks have developed this overwhelming fear of death. My grandmother passed away in July and all of a sudden I am NOW worrying about how she is, where she is, etc. I live abroad and have started to think that I need to move back home to be closer to my sisters and parents because I now realize and think about how fragile life is. From what I've read online so far, these could be symptoms of antenatal depression. High levels of anxiety, fear of death/thoughts of death, feelings of loneliness and homesickness, etc. I think I am going to see a psychiatrist to make sure this is well monitored and doesn't turn into postpartum depression. I am not  religious but have been helped a lot by thinking about the immortality  of the soul and praying to a higher being for peace. Keeping you in my thoughts. We can do this!
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