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Defending the Men

Well... most of them. Some of what Ive read dont deserve ****, but anyway...

There's A LOT of childish posts Ive seen about women complaining about how their men are being "childish". Here's the deal ladies: YOU are not helping matters! Surprisingly hard to believe but in some men it is etched into their DNA somewhere that THEY take care of US. Now some go to the extreme insisting we dont work. However others dont mind that we work but they HATE having any part of their attempt to provide for us tampered by whatever reason be it a medical condition, whatever. My husband for example is having unexplainable seizures so he cant drive. He has to depend on me to get to work and pick him up. This stresses him out because I get off work at 6a. The thing to remember those of us that have men be they a boyfriend, fiancee, or husband that is the Father of the munchkin we carry he is likely going through his own stress. Providing for another mouth to feed or perhaps the idea of being a Father is finally kicking in and yes some actually DO fear the concept for the SAME reasons WE do - am I going to be a good parent? Or I remember how I was as a kid will he or she be the same?! And if its a baby girl? Oh boy - its usually Oh ****, I know how I was like with girls! So I suggest we try to cut them some slack here. If you KNOW they are testy about certain jokes - keep your mouth shut. I cant imagine, for example, the hell my hubby goes through at work not being able to drive any equipment or do heavy labor. I wouldnt dream of being a smartass and saying something about it. And believe me, my hubby and I pick on each other A LOT. So much so his Mom has sometimes thought we were fighting. Its out of good fun and its why we get along so well. My sister says we are the new "sickeningly cute" because of it lol. So can we try cutting these men some slack? Unless theyve done something really stupid... such as getting **** faced while taking seizure meds.
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Amen!!!!!! Thank u for pointing that out.
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Lol - welcome. I wasnt expecting the first reply to be positive but its nice to see Im not the only one :)
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Lol.. U are def not. I read.these post and.sometimes i am like we are back in high school again. And being pregnant and blaming it on our hormones is rediculous. Its like u can apologize. I do get worked up and freak out at my husband but usually after i calm down i apologize. I am telling you some of these post are very dramatic. If i read them and think i leave it alone. I try not to judge because everyone has their problems but its amazing how many have so many problems. Its kinda sad.
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I know. Some I read and Im like "You cant see where you're in the wrong?" Dont get me wrong some men are assholes and its terrible that some of us get those.
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Yeah I agree. I saw one girl on here who has.always been nice and responds. And she posted a.thing about her.baby daddy and getting abused after trying to work things out. It was a very.dramatc story. But i felt horrible.it happened. She.doesnt deserve that and she def was.not in the wrong. But some of these women are getting so pissed off because their hubby didnt get do or get something right. Its like.hes trying... Right?
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I know. I read those posts and am just like "It could be worse!"
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