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Definitely not pregnant

My level was less than 1.2, so not only am i not pregnant, but it's also highly unlikely that i had any kind of miscarriage. To be honest, i'm glad i'm not pregnant because of who's it would have been. Every time he text me since i was late on, i wanted to kill him. However, now i have MAJOR concerns about why i haven't come on my period and my symptoms. The only thing i've found that fits is early menopause. I looked up the symptoms of cancer due to four faint positives on home pregnancy tests...but it didn't sound anything like i've been. Whereas with early menopause...bloating, nausea, mood swings, hot flushes, fatigue, sleeplessness etc etc. The only time i've two weeks without a period is when i've been pregnant so i really don't know what else it could be.
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Hope you feel better. I've skipped periods before, randomly, so hopefully it's nothing too big. It sounds like your hormones might be out of whack, so I guess your doctor can tell you that. I understand being happy it's not a particular person's child; I've been in that situation before.
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Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure this is not the norm. I feel constantly physically ill. In the day i'm ridiculously moody and at night i feel really low and cry for no reason. Makin an appointment with my dr tomorrow. Seriously thinkin i need hrt. It's horrible. No other word for it. I'll let you know how i get on x
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You're about my age (I'm turning 35 soon) and I have to say that I have noticed similar wonky things re: my cycle and hormones over the last few years. After speaking to my friends and hearing that they are all also starting to experience less regular periods I started to think that this was just the norm for the 30s. Our bodies start to change.... but I don't necessarily think it's menopause.

I did research on hormonal imbalances and a lot linked it back to estrogen dominance, which is very common in our world today (due to pollution, food, pesticides, diet etc, which all find their way into our water and soil, etc). Before I got pregnant (and we had been trying for a while after my miscarriage) I used vitex to regulate my period and found that my cramps, which had previously been completely debilitating!, disappeared after 3 months of taking it. I also used macaroot the month before iI conceived and i'm convinced it helped me to balance my hormones. I had a friend who was had also had a miscarriage, had irregular periods and was also looking to conceive and i told her about macaroot. maybe it's just a coincidence but after one month of her being on it she also conceived! and she hadn't been using birth control for 5 yrs!

Also wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your possible pregnancy not turning out but I'm really glad to hear that you are thinking its for the best, given who the father was. Take care, hun.
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Before I became pregnant I was having trouble with my hormones for a year trying to figure out what was causing it. Still don't know but It made me feel like I was pregnant and my periods kept showing up really late. I'd get excited because I would get positives on pregnancy tests but not positive on blood test. Very stressful, happened several times.
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