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Depo Provera Horror Story- Never get it..

I wanted to write my story of the horror of the Depo Shot. I have ovarian cysts and to manage them I had to be on birth control. The pills gave me horrible side effects so I went to PP to discuss other contraceptives. I read the tiny pamphlet that stated minimal side effects, so I decided to follow through. I was only 24 when I received the first shot.. I wish I never had ever made that choice.
The day after I felt fine.. It was only the week after that I started to notice severe changes to my body. I was literally in so much pain I could not get out of bed. I was fatigued, pained, bleeding (which lasted 3 weeks) and I went absolutlely neurotic. I work for a Psychologist infact, I am his office manager. I had been here a year before recieving the depo shot.. and I had NEVER been depressed before. When the effects got even worse ( I developed adrenal fatigue) I couldnt even leave my bed. It felt like i was a glass doll.. I was in so much pain deep down into my bones I literally cried every morning. When I went back to PP to tell them what was happening, she stated that I should have researched more (which may have been true, but that's their job as doctors to disclose such information.) Then blamed it ALL ON ME stating that I should have been mroe carefull and the side effects I was experiencing were due to depression. I asked her what I could do and she said there was NOTHING they could do.. that I had to wait untill it would fade on it's own out of my system.  I was so upset I had to leave and started to do research on my own.
  Depo is a TOXIN which means that it shouldn't even be injected into the body. After seeing a GYN 3 months later... She even said Depo is a horrible drug and basically should only be used for teenagers and not be used for very long. It is now almost a year and a half later and I am still unwell. If I do not take vitamins then my bones ache so much that I'm literally almost paralyzed from the pain. They still don't know how long it will take to deplete from my system ( everyone's body is different) and now I am 26 and hoping one day to get preggo but who knows how long that may be until it happens. I wake up everyday feeling not like myself. I'm exhausted only after a few hours, the bags/dark circles under my eyes and pain have not subsided still. I wish it would end but I have to fight through it. I have been fighting this shot along with my body after ONLY ONE SHOT for a year and a half.. and today I am going for a bone marrow test to see what the real damage is beyond the adrenal fatigue. I really hope whomever reads this thinks twice before receiving this horrible toxin. My body I hope will be the same again one day. I was super healthy and active before, and now I have to fight my body daily just to keep myself working and in check.
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I agree, its a horrible drug. I was on depo for 3 yrs for same reason. Chronic ovarian cysts. The depo however made my cysts WORSE. I stopped and was able to conceive my 2nd child after 6 months of stopping which im grateful for. I did however carry my 2nd child with a huge ovarian chocolate cyst the size of a cantoloupe caused from depo. After having my son, i was diagnosed with severe endometriosis stage 5. I had severe fatigue like u also and complete loss of sex drive. I now control my cysts with natural remedies. I refuse any BC to help "keep them away". Look into Endovan if u still have an ongoing cyst problem. Its a little expensive but it helped keep my cysts away and i just had my 3rd child 6 weeks ago. Take care, thanks for sharing
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