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Depression at night?

Alright, to catch anyone up who doesnt already know, i got diagnosed with depression and really bad anxiety when I was 16. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped taking my medication (20 mg citalopram for anyone who cares lol) So far I'm doing okay, except when it comes time to get my blood drawn. Then I FREAK out! But anyways, I'll be completely fine when I wake up, during the day, but as soon as night time comes (usually between 7:00 or 8:00) I start to get really depressed, my fiance can see it I just kinda.... mope. and cry, ive cried myself to sleep countless times. Oh, I'm 9 weeks 4 days. Sorry for the long post :P
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I guess I never asked my question haha, can anyone explain why this happens? does this happen to anyone else? Ahh :(
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It could be your hormones. I am severly depressed right now, along with having Anxiety attacks. I actually lol was taking the same meds as you were, and also stopped after finding out i was pregnant. I also take xanxex for those out of control moments. I talked to my mid-wife dr. and she said for those much needed moments its okay to take a medication for stress. As long as its not more than 3-4 times a month. I only suggest this in case you have any as needed medication. Make sure they are at least a level three of less. they say a level three is not know to cause harm to the babies physically, but the child can become addicted upon birth if used daily.
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My depression hits hard at night. I try to keep myself occupied, and stay busy all day long that way I'm tired at night and will only be concerned with sleeping.
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I'm sorry to hear that! I think your depression is ore intense because of your raging hormones. it must be hard stopping your meds as well...id try a really good diet and an adequate amount of exercise...get yourself tired enough to hit the bed and knock out...or try distracting yourself  b efore bed...read a book.  Its working for me with the book 50shades of grey! :) Best of luck!
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I'm the same way. I've had panic disorder since I was little, and its always been the worst at night. I had ppd after I had my son and I would be fine all day but as soon as it got dark outside I would feel really depressed. I don't know what causes it but you def not alone!
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I was on the same medication b4 my last pregnancy. My dr did not instruct me to stop taking it and I lost our twins. This time around I took myself off. Im not taking any chances with this baby. I said that to say... im struggling with anxiety and depression too. My mom passed May 14th to add to it. STAY STRONG AND KNOW ITS OTHER MOMMIES.. like myself that support you.
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