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Depression during Pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and at that point I had been taking Xanax and Wellbutrin regularly. I immediately stopped the use of both however I am now 7 weeks pregnant and feel desperately depressed. My doctor told me it was safe to resume the use of wellbutrin but said "yeah.. you dont need that stuff" regarding the xanax - which I had no problem parting with.. but now, I cannot focus at work, I feel exhausted all the time but cannot sleep, I cannot stand cuddling or even talking with my husband who.. two weeks ago I was madly in love with, he tells me he loves me and I cringe. I cry all the time, I am nauseous and hardly keeping food down. I'm chalking this up to my lovely hormones but frankly, it doesnt seem like it can possibly be healthy for my baby. Are there any anxiety drugs that I can take as needed that are safer than Xanax or other benzos? When I was on Xanax I was only taking .25mg, .5mg on a bad day. I am aware of the drug classification and the possible birth defects so I would appreciate an answer that did not contain a link to webmd or a pharmaceutical company, not to be rude.. I've just been there.
I feel selfish and weak for not being able to buck up and get through it without pills but my life seems to crumble around me when I stop their use.

Please help,
Scared and Desperate
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I was on Xanax when I got pregnant. I had to wean off it slowly. It went ok. I had a few bad days. I was put on Paxil instead and it helped alot. I had all three of my children while taking Paxil and they are all healthy as can be. I have been on it 14 years now. You need to see your doctor and tell them how you are feeling. Your anxiety etc can be just as dangerous so you need to do what is best. Make an appt asap! and Congratulations!
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You should avoid paxil and Xanax in pregnancy however zoloft is safe. Instead of Xanax you could try benadryl it is used off label for anxiety and trouble sleeping. I would speak with your Ob and I would also see if you can find a psychiatrist who is willing to treat you while pregnant.  You can't just buck up and deal, that's the nature of depression and anxiety it is a medical condition not just a poor attitude. I think it makes you a very strong person to treat your symptoms instead of try and ignore them. Many people just ignore the until their life falls apart.

Wishing you all the best!  
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I'm 8 weeks pregnant and was taking Welbutrin before I got pregnant.  Because of the unknown risks to the health of the baby (and spontaneous abortions observed in mice), I decided not to continue taking it, knowing full well that I was headed back toward depression with that choice.  I've decided to manage it naturally, though, by exercising (relatively intense cardio) for 40 minutes every single day.  I'm amazed at the difference it's made.  I have literally left for the gym, sobbing uncontrollably and for no reason, and come back calm and "normal" again.  I figured it has the dual benefit of protecting the embryo from potentially harmful drugs AND it's good for my own health.  Just a thought...
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Please remember to never stop any medication while pregnant before consulting with your OB first. Some medications can cause withdrawal which can in turn lead to miscarriage.
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I used to take Xanax and Wellbutrin years ago for depression and anxiety. I was looking to stop and was also thinking about getting married so I asked my Psych. what the implications would be for a pregnancy. She wasn't so concerned about the Wellbutrin but the Xanax she was. She said that I would have to be off the Xanax for at least six months before even trying to get pregnant. I would have a serious discussion with my doctors and try to see what they feel about the situation. You must also ask yourself how you feel about it. Becoming a mother is life altering and can cause even more stress and possible depression after birth. You need to think about how this baby and how he/she will fit into your life, if at all. I wish you luck.
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I was on Paxil, Welbutrin Serequel and Ativan when I first got pregnant. I had only been taking them for two months when I found out I was pregnant. I stopped them immediately and did fairly well with therapy, but it didn't help as much as the meds did.

I had a nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago and had to be hospitalized for it. They put me on Zoloft and it is working wonders for me. There are some serious side effects to it, mostly respiratory and cardiopulmonary, since it hasn't been as fully tested as Prozac, the other med that is ok to take during pregnancy. However, the side effects are rare to get and with my belief in God nothing bad is going to happen to our baby.

But the Zoloft i am on is 50 mg. Ask your doc if Prozac or Zoloft would be ideal for you.
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You should always follow your doctor's advice in regards to your meds while pregnant.  I have been told many times that Wellbutrin is okay to take during pregnancy.  However, Xanax is not okay.  I also suffer from depression and anxiety so I know how tough it can be.  In regards to your symptoms, they sound like pretty common pregnancy hormone related issues.  I hated my husband when I was pregnant.  For no reason at all.  I cried all the time. I was sick to my stomach.  The baby was fine; I was fine.  Hang in there for a little longer sweetie.  Remember some of these symptoms will start to subside in just a few weeks when you hit your 2nd trimester.
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