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Hi everyone! I'm Christine--my due date is 3/7/10. I'm new to this forum, but I really need to talk to someone. Does anyone struggle with depression and feelings of wanting to jump out of your skin? I was diagnosed with depression long before I became pregnant and have been ok for a while, but lately I just feel so insecure and down. I hate that I'm gaining weight. I know that it's normal, but before I got pregnant, I lost 120 lbs. and now seeing the scale go up is making me think I'm going backward. I hate how I look. I've already gained 25 lbs., and I'm only 26 weeks! I know I have to exercise, but I have no motivation. Ugh!!!! I'm sorry if this sounds whiny... I just need to vent. Hopefully someone can relate. : )
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Being pregnant is hard for women who suffer from depression.  When you are pregnant your hormones go haywire anyway...making your moody and emotional.  But when you throw depression into the mix it's that much more pronounced.  Are you on meds right now?  If you aren't, you may talk to your doc about something like Zoloft.  It's the only one *I* found that has not shown any negative side effects to the baby (from what i can find).  I was on it while breastfeeding.  But have talked to several women who were on it while pregnant.  If you aren't already in counseling, have you thought about it?  It would help tremendously for you to be able to talk about your feelings on a regular basis.  Keep in mind that a great deal of the weight you are gaining will go away when you give birth....the weight from the baby,the amniotic fluid, the amniotic sac, the placenta....all of that comes out and that weight goes away.  You will still have some residual weight but if you are healthy, started out at a good weight, don't overeat, and try to just get in a few extra steps each day you should be able to get rid of the remaining baby weight in no time.  

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that because you already suffer from depression you are at higher risk for PPD (post partum depression). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE monitor yourself or have someone close to you monitor you for the signs of PPD.  If you feel you aren't bonding with you baby like you should, if you don't have the energy to take care of the baby, if you find yourself not wanting anything to do with baby or just feeling completely overwhelmed....CALL YOUR DOCTOR.  Depression is hard to live with but it CAN be done.  

I have had depression for longer than i can remember, thought I wasn't officially diagnosed until 2005.  At that point I hit rock bottom,...I spent my entire day crying on the couch, my oldest who was 10 at the time was taking care of her younger brother and sister....i lost 10 lbs in a week from not eating...I was a MESS....my kids were the ONLY things keeping me from being suicidal.  I finally scraped myself up and went to a psychiatrist...he put me on meds and started me in counseling and it helped me SOOOOO much.  Since then I have been on meds constantly except for this last pregnancy.  By the time I gave birth I KNEW i needed to get back on something so at my 6 wk postpartum i had my doc write me a script for Zoloft.  

I have 4 kids and I have suffered through one degree of depression or another through all of my pregnancies.  If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to send me a private message.
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make sure you both surround yourselves with people who care about you!!!
My friend who was pregnant and struggling with depression told me that a good way to feel better about the changes your body is going though is to treat yourself!! Start indulging in things you wouldn't normally indulge in and tell yourself "its ok, its because Im pregnant." That way you will start to associate your pregnancy with good FUN things like shopping and eating!!
Your body knows what your baby needs, so if you gain weight its for the baby! Your body ALSO knows how to lose the weight once the baby is born. Losing 120 pounds is an amazing accomplishment! You have already achieved so much and you are clearly strong, motivated, and disciplined. In addition to these qualities being GREAT for you, they'll be great for your kid as well!

remember your body needs a lot of sleep during pregnancy and a lot of nutrients. Take vitamins and get enough rest!!

ps -Im also from philly!!
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Girl I'm getting depressed cause of my weight too! I've always been weight-conscious and seeing the scale go up so fast makes me want to cry....but you have to remember that its all for the baby and that you can easily get rid of that weight when she/he is born (especially if you breastfeed).
Also, try not to take paxil for depression. They just had a lawsuit and they'll have plenty of more.

ps: I live in Philly too! (and I'm 26 and due on March 25 lol! very similar huh?)
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