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I dont know if its because of everything i am going through lately. struggling terribly financially, not feeling good about myself lately, my looks, nothing. ive been crying etc and sooo depressed deep inside and out and im worried bc im 10 weeks pregnant. and i dont want to blame this on pregnancy. but i wonder what i should do
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Honestly I would talk to your doctor.  They can help you find resources to get someone to talk to.  Sometimes talking to sometime helps a ton.  If it doesn't help you may need medicinal intervention.  I myself hit a deep depression around 13weeks, had to be put on prozac, I felt so much better.  It was a short term thing dvds I was taken off of it around 26ish weeks and have felt fine ever since (I'm 32wks now).  Sometimes we just need a little extra boost.  Pregnancy along with everything else can be insanely overwhelming!
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Hi there.  I am aware of your story.  I had a lot of depression with number 3 but for different reasons.(2 deaths in the family,etc) Talk to your dr about it he or she can provide help.  I know you are dealing with a lot right now.  There are lots of people on this site dealing with similar issues and can relate and will be glad to lend an ear so feel free to vent away. I hope you feel better soon.
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I am going through some similar things. I am doing thia all alone. The father and i were together for not very long when.we found out we were havibg a baby. Everything was good for a little while but thwn it went back to the aame arguments. He actually asked me 2 or 3i times if this was even his baby...all i can say for myself is that i would never ever cheat on someone...especially not someone i love. So to make a long story short we broke up...he went out the next night and met anothee woman...the night after that she spent the night at his house. So needless to say the last 2 months have been ups and downs for me. I fell into a really bad depression. Barely able to get off the couch and get dressed. Then un able to sleep at night. So now he is pretty much nonexistent. Barely answers his phone. On top of all that...i have no job and only really my mom for support. Im.so glad to have her tho. But theres something so sad about accepting the fact that im.going to be a single mom...i never thought that would be me. Being alone and pregnant and jobless is hard....all u got is time to think about everything thats going wrong. The reason.i say all this is to let you know you're not alone in the depression area. But u have to let it out...if u r anything like me and u hold it all inside it will eat u alive. And take ur heart along with it and most likely have emotional and mental side effects for your baby down the rd. Contact a local.church or mental.healthcare part of medicaid. I promise it helps to get it out and vent!
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You should deff talk to your doctor about it. I am also going through alot of depression right now so even though i dont know exactly how you feel, i can relate. Dealing with depression is hard on best of days but dealing with it while pregnant is a whole new ball park. At the beginning of my pregnancy i was so happy, my life was finally getting better, then my dad and uncle died, i had to move in with my mom and her husband, my cat died and finacially im scared so i have been going through depression and can relate so if you need anyone to talk to, you can message me anytime and i will try to respond as quickly as i can.
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im so sorry for what your going through. you should see my latest journal. thats wht im currently going through now. its a number of things for me..im definately trying to prepare myself mentally to be a single mom..bc im soo tired of his empty promises..my husband is going out again for the 4th time in a row..and im being left at home. when he swore that would never happen again. i miss my mother and home more than ever. hang in there!!
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Thanks so much. its nice to know there are people and someone out there that understand. My latest journal..i cant even believe im down to writting my thoughts online..bc my husband never listens..bc he takes it all as complaining and bitching. Im so close to just giving up on him.
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