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Diarrhea Anyone?

Recently, the past 5-7 days, I have been experiencing some uncomfortable cramps, soft of like heavy menstrual cramps accompanied by bad diarrhea. I am now 35 weeks pregnant, I was just curious if anyone else experienced this in the last few weeks of their pregnancy, if it is normal and pregnancy related or if I have just come down with a bug that is unrelated to the pregnancy.
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I hear that is normal - and could be a sign that labour is not that far off - but I never had that with DS (I ended up needing to be induced).  

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I've had horrible stomach flu when pregnant with tons of what you are describing but no labor of any kind.  

This pregnancy I had what you are describing when I was 34 weeks and ended up going into pre-term labor.

The important thing is to monitor if the cramping/contraction are able to be timed.  Keep track of them if they are, and drink LOTS of fluids so as not to get dehydrated.  When I went in 2 weeks ago for the pre-term they said I wasn't dehydrated from the diarrhea, but for some reason it can be enough to trigger labor in some women.

Although it's common to have diarrhea in early labor or just before early labor I think it's too early for that, for you, and you shouldn't have it for 5-7 days.  Be VERY careful not to get dehydrated.  You should have another appointment with your doc soon I would think so make sure you talk to them about it.  Most likely it is some sort of stomach bug or sensitivity to something you're eating. Good luck!
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Thank you, I've never had contractions before so I dont really understand what the difference is between contractions and cramps but these cramps are unable to be timed.  I was hoping that it was a bug or something because I still have five weeks to go, and even though I want my baby now I know its best for her if she waits just a few more weeks.  I've just never experianced anything this uncomfortable before.
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Some women say that early labor feels like bad period cramps.  That being said you should still have your stomach getting hard if you are having contractions.  I would assume you have some sort of stomach bug if it is going on for as long as it is.  The other thing to consider is that sometime pelvic cramping and pressure etc can be symptoms of a UTI or bladder infection etc.  It may be worth your time to give a urine sample to make sure nothing else is going on.  If the diarrhea continues I would talk to your doctor as much more then 7 days of this just wouldn't be considered outrightly normal.  And cramping with or without diarrhea, especially if there is nausea are all symptoms of preterm labor on their own with or without contractions so that may be another thing they would want to explore.  Regardless you're close to your due date so that's great!  Every day you get that much safer that if baby comes now everything would be fine.  Good luck!
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I have been experiencing the same thing for the past three days. About 3 hours after I eat something my stomach begins to cramp. Almost feeling like a contraction, but not as strong and does not wrap around my back. Soon after the cramps begin I need to use the bathroom. It was very intense last night as I couldn't sleep. The cramps were so bad I moved back and forth from the toilet to a warm bath to soothe the pain. I read it's a sign that labor is near. My cervix is incompetent and lost a son at 23 weeks to this. My cervix is stitched shut this pregnancy and am getting it taken out tomorrow because I will be 37 weeks pregnant. I am possibly going into labor tomorrow because my cervix cannot hold a baby and the contractions and the diarrhea I read is the clensing of your body to make room for labor.
If the cramps get real bad sit in a warm bath and breath through the pain. It helps for me! Good luck!!
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