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Discharge in Early Pregnancy

I found out a week ago tomorrow that I am pregnant (through a urine test at the Dr).  I'm 27 years old and this is my first pregnancy.  My husband and I were trying for a baby for a couple of months.  I went off birth control in December.  My Dr. said she thinks I'm probably about 6 weeks along.  Off-and-on I've had a light brown discharge.  It's very faint and is only apparent when I go to the bathroom.  I've also had some pressure in my lower abdoman...assumed it was just gas from eating a lot of fruit and vegetables lately.  I have read that some light discharge is normal in early pregnancy, but am a little worried as this this my first pregnancy.  Should I be worried?
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It is definitely normal to have increased discharge because of the increased hormone levels.  The brownish color suggests blood, but old blood.  It is just about the right time for implantation bleeding, and that is not a bad thing.  You only need to worry if the discharge gets red or heavy. The cramping is also normal as long as it is fairly mild.
You are probably correct about the cause of the pressure.  Bowel habbits become very different during pregnancy.

Good luck and Congratulations!
Dr B
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Hi! I was reading your comment and I am just at my 6th week and experiencing the same thing. The spotting has stopped as well as the cramping but I am still nervous since this is my 1st. The doctor performed an ultrasound and they said they couldn't really see anything. My hcg level was at 2900 so they thought they should see something. They are also concered that I may have an ectopic because of some fluid they saw, but then they also said they might have seen a sac. I so worried! any advice?
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I currently am six weeks pregnant. I have had 4 successful births and no issues in my pregnancy care and gave birth last year (June 2008).  However I did have a miscarraige 2 years ago due to a low lying placenta at 18 weeks.  In this pregnancy, all was well until Sunday afternoon when I had some bleeding.  It was not heavy in any sense and it stopped that evening.  The next day I had to go to my doctor for my first prenatal exam.  At that point the discharge (extremely minimal) was brown and now I barely have it (except some small brown in my urine on occassion).  He did an ultrasound and did not find a baby in the sac and everything else looked well but told me that it could be that it is still too early to see anything (which has happened to me before). He could not explain the bleeding either.  I am of coruse concerned because I am going in again in 2 days for another ultrasound and praying for a baby on the screen. He said if not, I would need bloodwork. My question is if the bleeding....is it something to be concerned about now and is it likely to not see a fetus that early in an ultrasound.
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I thought I was 3 weeks pregnant, but suddlenly I think I was thrown a curve ball which was bleeding [seems like a normal period] so now I just want to know should I bee concerned or should I just go with the flow like its a normal cycle.

Any advice is really appreciated, thank you
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I have recently found out I am pregnant, and have started spotting on and off. not alot only when I go to to the bathroom. I have slight discomfort and bloatedness in my lower tummy, I had an Ultrasound yesterday and they said they could not see anything. I would be about 5 weeks taking it from my last period.

I also had my HCG level checked and it was only 100. if anyone out there has had similar concerns can you please tell me what the outcome was...good or bad...Im going crazy here.

waiting to have another blood test tomorrow and get results of the HCG Monday..

100 seems so low.

Please help
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im 27 weeks along...in my 11th week after i visited the doctor....he listened for the heartbeat...and before hand he told me not to worry if i dont hear it because it may be to early to hear it...so he didnt hear it and im still pregnant...he wouldnt do and ultrasound becuase it was also to early....but when i was really early along...when i went to the doc...i had brownish color discarge....i freaked out..i called my doctor and he said it was normal...because the PAP that they do...when you first go in...soo i would say no worries to that..and jae2fly when i got my period during my pregnancy the first time....i miscarried all i would do is tell you doctor...and get blood work to make sure everything is ok...unless you arent for sure that you are pregnant ...if thats the case i would deffinately go get checked to see if you are.....
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