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Do 2nd babies tend to come early?

Almost 38 weeks with my 2nd and just wondering what the odds are that he may be early. My dd was born 1 day before her due date.
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I voted "1 week early".  He was actually 9 days early.  (My first was 7 days LATE, and had to be induced.)
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My 2nd was 12 days early, but my first was born the day I hit 38 weeks.  So my 2nd was a bit later than the first.  My OB thinks my 2nd would have come a lot earlier if it hadn't been for the progesterone injections I was on 16 - 34 weeks.  I had pre-term labor with both, so mine really isn't a normal scenario.  
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My sisters both came on there due date :)
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My second was 10 days late and my 1st was 2 weeks early, theres no real patterns when it comes to pregnancy and birth. :)
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My first was 10 days early and my second I had pre-term labor at 32 weeks but only had her 7 days early. So my first was earlier. I've never heard of 2nd baby's coming sooner but I have heard of labor being quicker with progressive pregnancies.
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my first was 5 days late, i was induced. my 2nd was again 5 days late, again i was induced. my 3rd was 7 days late (and that only happened at 7 days cos i begged the consultant at term to be induced again!)
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My first was 38 weeks exactly, my second was 39 weeks and 4 days. And my 3rd was 38 weeks and 6 days. So Im not sure when this baby boy is going to decide to show up! maybe after my DD??
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My 1st,2nd and 3rd were all born at exactly 39 weeks! I def know how u feel I'm also 38wks and I went to L&D this morn.. Thought my water might have broke nope just peed I guess lol although they said it might still have and baby could b plugging the hole.. When she checked me she could feel babies head moving..(I think she's trying to wiggle her way out lol) but ne how I was 2 1/2 almost 3 cm but not quite and 70% effaced and she didn't tell me where baby was stationed I forgot to ask or didn't hear her.. Lol but on Monday she was stationed at -1 so who knows... I wish there was a way to make her come out sooner but I think they just come out when they're ready.. I've thought about trying some natural labor inducing remedies besides sex and walking but I don't really want to risk it.. Especially the castor oil I don't think I could ever b that desperate... Have u tried anything??? Has anyone tried anything and it was successfull!!
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stinakaye- I think my poll was wishful thinking!  I was 2cm's on thursday and 75% effaced. He was at a +1. Mugus plug has been coming for since Sunday so almost a week!!

I did make labour cookies but they did nothing  and are not very good (cayenne pepper and cumin in cookies!! YUCK)  I dont recommend them.

I have thought of some other natural induction remedies but I guess I feel selfish, I suppose when he's ready he'll come out! my dd came 1 day before her due date and my Dr thinks he will come before the due date so at least I know I most likely will not be overdue!

DH isnt that interested i sex and frankly neither am I, not sure how it would feel since his head is so low and if my plug is out not sure that it would be a good idea? anyone know??

if it wasnt -10 here I would go walking but kinda hard to push the stroller though the snow and my dd cant walk on these sidewalks either.

I have mixed feelings about castor oil, besides the fact tha I am sure it tastes disgusting no matter what you mix it with, I dont want to kick the baby out to soon, although my sister had her baby with a midwife and she told her it wont work unless you have already started to dilate and efface, which is why it working at all is so contraversial. The poooping thing.......well really I would rather poop at home than while in labour! so maybe that is actually a good side effect? Still I am not overdue so I kinda think castor oil is drastic, walking and sex is 1 thing..........

good luck!
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funny my 1st was 1 day early and my second was 2 weeks early!!! so it could be soon!
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#1=4 days early
#2=9 days early
#3= 14 days early but was induced
#4= I guess I will have to wait and see!
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@lemenna- y were u induced 2 weeks early??? I think Ima ask to b induced bc I'm so far from the hospital and I'm soo close to labor it will go quickly and I have strep B so gotta make sure I'm there for the dosage!! But I was gonna talk to my midwife 2moro at my appt.!
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My 1st was 37 weeks 3 weeks early (but I was induced due to low amniotic fluid)
My 2nd was 2 WEEKS over due. Oh I was miserable. Then the day I was scheduled for induction.. my water breaks and I go into labor naturally.
My 3rd (my speedy gonzales) my water broke at 5 months. I managed to keep her inside for another month,on strict bed rest & hospitalized. Then I went into full blown labor one morning & she was out in a few hours.

I hope this one is just a regular (on time!) Kinda baby! :)
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IM getting induced 2 weeks early because i live too far away from hospital. Im hopng this one comes early cause my first was 12 days early and her labour was only 3/4 hours..If my second labour lasts that long i wont even make it into the closest town..

Your OB should be ok with it as long as bubs is healthy when it comes time to induce.
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My first was 2 weeks early, and my with my second I had pre-term labor and he was almost a month early (but still 7lbs!) My midwife said I gestate babies quickly. lol Hoping it's true this time around again, although with the pre-term labor stuff, I have a feeling I will go early again. We will see!
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#1- 14 days late was induced
#2- 3 days late
#3- he was born on his due date
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Both of mine came right around their due date; my daughter was born ON her due date, and my son I was induced 4 days before his due date BUT I was already 5cm dilated and my bag of waters was bulging so I would've gone on my own in the next few days.....so he was right on time too :-).
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Both of my kids, came with in two days of my due date, and i'm not sure what my new one is going to be like, maybe the same as his brother and sister haha...But it's really hard to say everyone is different...
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To answer my own question! My 2nd came exactly 2 weeks early! Ya! Born march 28th .
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Wow congrats Hun!! Xx hope I'm not to far behind u either I'm scheduled for inducement Monday but have the feeling I won't make it til then..!!
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I didn't vote becuase mine varied

#1: 3 days overdue-emergency csection
#2: almost 3 weeks early (due to stillbirth-cord accident)
#3: 4 days early
#4: 10 days early (had membrane sweep)
#5: induced with pitocin ON due date
#6: induced via rupturing membranes ON due date.
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