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Doctors appointment

So I went to the doctor today, they thought I was going to be around 6 weeks but When I had my ultra sound they said I am less then 4 weeks. And still in the gestational stage. I am kind of freaking out because I am afraid when I go back that it hasnt grown at all, my doc said I will see a big difference in 2 weeks when i get another one. Im just afraid that there wont be a change. I am on metformin and I heard that when you are on this medication that it reduces the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. I am also on High blood pressure medication as well. I have wanted this baby so bad and afraid im going to lose it :(
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don't worrie i'm sure if its ment to be it will.. I hope everythin works out for stay positive hun xx xx
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yeah I have really wanted this baby and it has taken forever to get pregnant. So Idk, maybe i am just worrying to much.
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Hey i know what your going through and you shouldn't worry to much, my doctor told me i was bout 8 weeks, i went to my scan  to find nothing, so i went back to my doctors, the scan told me to come back in 2 weeks but my doctor sent my back earlier, 1 week after id first seen them, they found the baby and found out i was 5 weeks 4 days im now 8 weeks tomorrow, it just means that you didnt fall pregnant on the 1st day of your last period.

I hope this helps let me know how things are =D Take Care Mandy
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Yeah that helps :), Its not that they didnt find anything, they just seen the gestational sack. So she said that I was most likely in the gestational stage which from my understanding means im 4 weeks or less. Yeah I am sure that I probably didnt ovulate like ppl with a normal cycle since my cycle has always been abnormal and for the last 2 or 3 years I have not been ovulating at all, thats why they put me on this metformin.
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It is totally normal to worry honey! I really hope that everything continues to go well and I am sure that your little bean will be safe!
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Thank You :)
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I have been through similar situations. It is normal to wonder and worry! Remember that implantation takes 1-2 weeks so you could just have a late implanter! ;-)
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Thank you, I have been reading ppl with different situations :) It is definitely making me feel much better lol. I am just going to try and relax and hope these past 2 weeks fly by. lol.
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Hey im glad that i could help, i had the same thing, i went on the injection after my first baby to stop me getting pregnant after taking that my period went all stuffed up, i tried for 2 years for this baby and have been so overwhelmed =), Well i hope you find out soon how far a long you exactly are, and keep me updated =).

If you wanna fell free to add me jae_playgirl***@****, would love to talk some more...
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Yes we have been trying for about 2 years too. & they finally figured out what was wrong 3 months ago. I didnt think it would work so fast but it did. and Now im just freaking out lol. I guess if its meant to be it will be. =) What did you want me to add you to?? I have myspace & facebook? I dont have msn or yahoo messengers. I think that im atleast 4 weeks or a little less. I took the home pregnancy tests on the 18th of this month. & Dont home pregnancies only get positives up to 5 days before your missed period???
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Hey sammie I'm sorry its taken me a little while to reply, add me on facebook use this email address in the search tool bar lilmumma2010 at hotmail *******, umm im not sure bout the home pregnancy test as i done heaps and i always got neg, but i didnt do one this time around i just went to the doctor, and a blood confirmed it, i only done the test coz i was late and i told my partner he could go and put our boy in the car because i thought it would come up negative he started walking of when i looked down at the test and started running out the room after my partner, man a lil shame but hey i was over the moon it was a faint line but den got darker =). Just keep your head up high and like you said if it ment to be it will happen.

Mandy xxx
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