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Does anyone believe in ghosts? or am i going crazy?

Early on in my pregnancy i started seeing this little girl. She was wearing a long white dress and has long long blonde hair. It almost looks as though she was holding a stuffed animal. I hadn't seen her in a while, but last night i seen her again. She isn't doing anything except standing at the edge of my bed. I've tried to ignore this, but do to the fact that it freaks me out a bit. I've tried to go to the restroom and come back to see if she had gone. Nothing ever changes and she still just stands there. I'm really creeped out just saying this, so please don't judge or post negatively towards me. :(
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I've never heard of this being a side effect of pregnancy, but since your body is changing who's to say it's not the hormones. I can understand not wanting to bring this up to your Dr, so you might want to look into paranormal researchers in your area. Even just to call and talk about it. I know it sounds weird, but your peace of mind is extremely important.
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Yes I've seen a man in a black.cloak with yellow eyes and a creepy crooked smile. Started the day.after I found out I was pregnant
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Idk if he was really but I have seen him numerous times and been having terrible night.terrors throughout my pregnancy
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Wow...sounds creepy...i dont particularly believe in ghosts because ive never seen one and I dont allow myself to believe they exist because I think id have a heart attack if I saw one....but you dont in any way recognize this little girl?
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My apartment is really freaky at night. Things moves by themselves and I have seen shadows that I can't explain. I believe in ghosts I've seen unexplainable things ever since I was little.
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I've actually had this happen once or twice before with family members that have passed. It just mainly scares me because i've also had a dream that a little girl was trying to hurt my baby. I feel insane. Lol. I've also had some seizure activity that has just started maybe there is some connection between this. :(
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I've never seen this little girl before. It's quite strange. I always get up and make my fiance switch me sides of the bed. He of course knows nothing of this. Lol. its also strange she always stands in the same place :(
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Try taking pictures of where you see here with a camera that has flash. You may get proof  or peace of mind. When my nephew was two he had an imaginary friend named buddy. Later we found out that a father commuted suicide in the house and the man's name was bud.
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Not everything is connected but a lot of things are
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That is definitely something. I will definitely try to snap a shot of her. Sometimes i just get so afraid.
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I don't see it being hormones if you go to the bathroom and come back and shes still there, I would definitely look more into it, especially if you have a feeling she might hurt your baby, I would hate you see you paranoid after the baby is born. I had a dream the night before I got my positive pregnancy test that my father in law (who passed a few years ago) was with me when I took a test, and it was positive, and the next day, it was positive! I also had pictures of my son developed when he was first born, and "somehow" a "mess up in the prints" showed my father in law right next to my son, they tried telling me it could have been an overlap in developing, but there were NO pictures of him on the film, and we still haven't found a picture that looks like that. It's almost see through like it did overlap, but it definitely wasn't, and honestly, it's a very cherished photo. I would tell your husband about this though!
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I definitely will. Thank you all for your comments and concerns everyone.
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Ok so I watch all the ghost and medium shows on tv(I don't sleep well so I watch a lot of tv and retain lots of useless info ok lol) and most say you should tell them go to the light and if that doesn't work have a priest bless your home or have a medium do a ceremony, I don't know what its called but they walk around and bless the house and tell the ghost to go home or whatever.  Also hear one show say if you see a "ghost" or something unexplained that does the same thing all the time its a residual haunting meaning its like a memory and that "ghost" is doing something it always did and is unaware of you, it is just doing what it did in life.  Its nothing that will hurt you if that's what it is or so the tv people say.  I don't know if I believe in ghosts but i think there are unexplained things out there but I haven't encountered any yet.  Good luck I hope you get it solved, fixed, blessed, something!
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u could try googling it :) deaths at ur address or maybe even town u might find something :)
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Thats creepy tell your husbandvut through out my pregnancy or at the beging i alwaus saw a shadow of a man tall crept me out but just of the corber of my eye but its stoped and i do beleve in ghost because wen i was little and lived in mexico their was a little girl hunteing are house she turn on the lights on at night and open up my dads wine and whisky botles then atempt to move the sofa after we moved other people had the same probblem bu she had moved to my room as befor she never enterd till i left and sins we own the house my nana called some one to bless the house she dissapeard on a side not that i think is weird wen liveing there i got somthing on my foot i steped a brown spot appeard on it andit never went away still there but the floor was emnty and clean theirs more stuff but cant recall at the momment good luck j :)
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If i were you i would pray. whenever i have a bad dream i always pray and it stops. Or bless your place. im not super religious but i believe in god and maybe that could help you.good luck. and i hope that it stops.
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With my first pregnancy I used to always feel that there was someone standing behind me. An old friend (who really believed) told me to ask them to leave as they were scaring me...I felt a little silly, but said out loud " I know you're here to look after me and my baby, but you're scaring me" it never happened again...I've been a little disappointed that my guardian (whoever it was) has never come back to visit with my other 2 pregnancies! Ask
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I don't believe in ghost but i have seen things during my  last trimester mainly... I have had 4 kids, and with each one i would see something that others couldn't. It never felt harmful, but at the sametime i never felt safe... I'm wondering am i just stressed, i am 8 mo's....
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I totally believe in them....i have had experiences others have not. What you have to do is tell her she is not welcome there it is YOUR home not hers. Tell her she needs to pass on to the light. If it continues, you need to get in touch with a medium who can help you find out why she is insistent on staying there.
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First of all don't get a medium. For one thing the vast majority are frauds, for another the ones who aren't are just qualified enough to possibly invite more unwanted stuff into your home.

Take some stock of your psychological state. Are u overtired, exhausted a lot? That can cause hallucinations and odd dreams. If that isn't the issue, then great.

If it is more than something psychological, keep in mind you should never trust what you couldnt defend yourself from. This could be a poor soul, someonre God is allowing to visit you, or it could be a demon. Demons are fallen angels, and its not a good idea to order them, talk to them, or otherwise commmunicate with them. They are very intelligent and can fake being nice.  

I would do my best to ignore them, and if th ghost or whatever keeps appearing just say a prayer. Don't be afraid, and if its not going away just keep holy things that remind you of God near. I/e holy water, bible, blessed salt. If it seems like things are getting creepier, stuff moving around, then perhaps its time to get a priest.

Find a traditional Catholic parish (its sad i have to specify that, but some priests are not so orthodox) and ask to speak with a priest. They help Catholics and non Catholics alike. Lol best way to snap judge a church is by the trappings- old style statues, stained glass with biblical scenes, and lots of candles are good. Postmodern doctor's office ambince...not so good.

Many times they will do a house blessing, and may do a Mass in home (im iffy on this so ask).

The best thing to do is not worry. Ask Saint Micael for help. He is the arch angel who kicked Satan's butt down to Hell. (;

As far as the tall dark man (to others) goes, he is definitely a creep. Mostly he just watches. Say a prayer whenever he shows up and ignore him.

*full disclosure: i am a Catholic (practicing) but i could be wrong on some points. Alwats refer to something official.

*a note on traditional: some areas have sedevacantist churches. They look Catholic but dont belive there is a valid Pope. Theyre crazier than normal.

*i have experienced lots of creepy stuff. Its part of the reason I am Catholic. When the Bible tells you not to get involved with paranormal stuff its for a good reason. Dont be afraid but dont be an idiot. Guess who learned that lesson the hard way?

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Oh and even squeaking out the phrase hail mary or mary full of grace dies wonders. Evil things dont like to be reminded of the mother of the savior/God/Jesus.
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I believe in them fully. She might be trying to tell you what happened to her, but doesn't know how. If you don't want her there tell her to go away that its not her home anymore. Of she still sticks around then I would call paranormal researchers in to try to get her to pass over.
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My boyfriend goes to work before the sun comes up and since I got pregnant I hear someone in the livingroom eating chips or moving around on the couch. I heard the refrigerator door open one morning and someone sit on the toilet another day. It kinda freaks me out but before we moved into this place, I used to see a figure of a tall skinny man with long hair standing at the back of our room. We believe it might be my boyfriends dad so when I see this man or hear someone in my house when I'm home alone I just tell myself its his dad and he's just trying to communicate with me/ get to know me. And I don't feel threatened but it still kinda freaks me out a bit.
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Try talking to her and seeing what she wants. Its not abnormal at all. And if she wanted to cause you harm, she would have done out awhile ago.
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