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Don't judge!

Ok so last night I smoked week for the first time since I have been pregnant.
And I'm kinda worried because I have yet to feel my daughter move or kick me this morning.. she usually kicks me right when I get up.. I'm so worried.. I feel so guilty. :( idk what to do or think. I'm worried about her..
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I ment I smoked weed** not week lol
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Maybe she is still sleeping! As long as you know it was wrong im sure you wont do it again :) good luck!!
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Don't worry your baby is fine the THC in weed doesn't cross your placenta where it effects the baby. Also there hasn't been any Factual Proof that weed affects the baby in any Harmful way .
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I know as mother's we feel guilty, but others should understand that The Government has Portrait a Negative image on Weed, that makes it look bad to others.I smoke weed to, but not on a Daily Basis.
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Don't stress out about it. One time is not going to hurt your baby. I don't think weed will hurt your baby anyways just have a lower birth weight. Just drink some apple juice or some thing sweet and that should wake your baby up :)
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Your fine my friend smoked weed throughout her entire pregnancy and she had a baby boy with no problems. He was as healthy as an ox.
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This is from baby center ,  Smoking marijuana during pregnancy may affect your baby's growth and the development of his nervous system. Studies have shown that children who were exposed to marijuana during pregnancy sometimes have problems focusing their attention and solving problems.

Children of heavy pot users may also have problems with short-term memory, concentration, and judgment. (There's no evidence so far, however, that marijuana use during pregnancy causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

One study even found that young children whose mothers smoked marijuana during pregnancy had a higher risk of leukemia than those whose mothers did not.
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You can always go into L&D and get checked to make you feel better , but just because there's no factual proof THC is harmful to babies I'd not do it again just to be safe. Unless you grow it yourself ya never know what chemicals are used in growing and if the grower uses pesticides it can end up stored in the plant and when smoked released into the body...you can always wait but if you don't feel movement don't be scared to go in and have them check baby out it'll settle your mind about it for sure
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Im shure shes fine, shes just alittle sleepy lol... i kno the fear, guilt n paranoia , thats what caused me to quit early on. Everyone of my friends smoked weed there whole pregnancy and said it was fine and there babies came out fine but i dident like the way it made me feel so my lil lady couldent have liked it that much ether. oh boy do i miss smoking weed tho!!!. 3 more weeks left =]
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Yur baby is okay . I smoke weed like 5 times out the week& my baby is healthy
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