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Doppler use during pregnancy

Is it bad for you?  I went and rented a doppler to use, and I really love it.  When I rented it, I figured I would check the heartbeat once a week for reassurance, and no more than that.  But, I'm finding I check it a lot more than once a week.  Being in my 2nd trimester, I don't feel a lot of symptoms right now, am not feeling consistent movement, so the doppler is the reassurance that I need.

Just wondering if it's bad for a pregnancy? If using it too much can be harmful, etc?
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I would not think so.  When I was in the hosptial on bedrest I would get an u/s every couple of days... and I would think that would carry more risk than the doppler.. but you probably should limit it (or try too!!) I purchased one of those amplifire ones and I can't hear yet.. but all that is is a microphone so you are getting close.. maybe you can pick one of those up for 30 bucks and listen till your heart is content!!!!  
How are you feeling by the way??
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I'm feeling great so far!  :-D  I heard you were having some scary contractions.  (I think that was you that posted that anyway)  Hope you are feeling better.

I've been feeling really well though.  My tummy is still on the smaller side, my energy level has been great, the morning sickness is officially gone.  I'm definitely in the honeymoon period.
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I got a doppler during my last pregnancy since I was high risk and everything scared me. I checked her heart rate every couple of days and she is fine. My doctor said that all it is, is sending sound waves back to us and that although the babies don't really like it--my daughter would always move away and I'd have to chase her down--that it isn't really dangerous. I am counting down the days until I can use it this time!
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I didn't realize the babies didn't like it.  I definitely don't want to offend the baby before she is even born.  I'll have to limit it a bit. . . let's just say that I've pretty much been checking daily.  . .
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Lol, I think I would be too if my munchkin wasn't kicking and rolling around so much. Where did you rent a doppler? Because I know you can rent breast pumps but I have no idea where. I'm debating whether to just buy a good breast pump because I plan to breastfeed all my kids, or if I should just rent one. I'm glad you're feeling good, that's good luck.
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I rented it at baby beat.  After the fact, I heard you can buy them for MUCH cheaper on sites like e.bay.  

You're so lucky that your baby is moving all the time!  Well, my baby is moving, I'm just not feeling it all quite yet, and I'm nearly 21 weeks.  I'm hoping for real soon.  Right now it's just a couple times a week.
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I bought mine from ebay for $120 with shipping.
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When i was pregnant ( baby now 5 months ) i was so scared of loosing the baby again that i checked the baby every morning all the way through and he came out just fine. I only checked for like 20 seconds at a time.
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Thanks.  Yes, I definitely don't check for long.  As soon as I find it and hear it for about 5 seconds, I turn the doppler off.  
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I purchased a Doppler on eBay for $35 and I use it about 3 times a wk. I'm actually thinking about buying a different one on amazon. Mine is a all in one so I can't read the screen when it's on my belly.

I thought I would be more paranoid and need to use it more often but since I got weekly ultrasounds till 12wks I wasn't as concerned I will probably start using it more often now though. I got a heartbeat on mine around 9 wks.
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I feel much better after reading all of your posts...I have been using my doppler once a day since week 14 and now I'm a day shy of 19 weeks. I listen every morning for a few brief seconds just for reassurance. It has really helped with my anxiety about the baby. I asked the nurse and she said it was fine. I don't think my baby like it much because he or she moves away too. I have been feeling the baby move a lot more the last several days but I find myself becoming nervous if several hours go by and I don't feel anything. I know it is still early for consistent movements though.
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Yeah, my munchkin never stops, it makes me worry this kid will never let me sleep lol. I'm going to have to look into buying a breast pump online, maybe ebay. I had heard you should try and rent one before you buy so you don't waste a ton of money on a pump that you hate. But I dunno, were gonna have to go and ake a tour of the hospital soon and maybe they know somewhere I can rent one. I heard the heart rate for the first time on doppler last appointment. It was sooo nice. I can't wait till I find out the gender tomorrow!
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