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Dr appointment

So I went to my doctor appointment today I'm dilated 5 cm...my doctor told me there is a new law that if you are not completely dilated and are less than 39 weeks they can't admitted you ...so he told me to walk for an hour to get labor started....since am having lots of contrations. ..He said hopefully everything go down today
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Are you for real I never heard of that law
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My doctor said they just cant induce before 39 weeks was all.... maybe Its different from state to state?

Walk walk walk!!!! Good luck! :)
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Yes he told me that today....because i was at the hospital yesterday because i was only 37 weeks 6 days even though my contrations were 3 mins apart
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I think he meant a new "hospital policy".  

Even that I seriously challenge.

There is no way they want to be going through the admission process with a woman at the pushing stage of labor.

Could you have misunderstood?  There is no way a hospital would make you wait until it's time to push before beginning admissions.
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*** sorry I meant they send me home even thou***
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I'm pretty sure I heard right.....If it wasn't that way I would have my baby already wen I went to the hospital yesterday with 4cm dilated and contraction every 3 mins
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Tamy,  I'm not quite sure what you're saying here.  

I do understand that they may not be able to induce labor at this point.

But you're in labor already.

I don't think the hospital wants you to get to 10 cm naturally before they admit you.

I think your doctor was saying they can't give you pitocin to hurry your labor or begin it if you aren't full term.

Can you call the nurse and get a clarification?
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Nope its true. My sister was dialted to 5 cm and was 38 weeks and they would induce her till 39 weeks even tho she was having contractions an everything. That was in CO but the morning she turned 39 weeks they induced her and a few hours later had her baby.
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I know that he told me to walk all i can because they can't do nothing for me before the 39 weeks so unless I'm in real labor. ..... (which I believe I'm) contracting every 3 to 4 mins I'm pretty sure that's labor.....I'm just going to walk and try to get this baby out I meant I'm 5 cm already and having contrations I believe I should be able to get admitted but idk
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If you're dilated to 5 cm,  you are in real labor,  Tamy.  

Jessilynn - she's not asking to be induced.  She's already in labor- just asking to be admitted.

I think you need to talk to someone else,  Tamy.  Contractions every 3-4 minutes and dialated to 5 is labor.
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To Rock Rose .....you get my point thank you for that.....I will go for the walk and the go straight to hospital after that
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